Top 8 Best Cloud Torrent Service Providers To Use

Cloud Torrent Service

The cloud is receiving a lot of traffic these days, and you’d be astonished to learn that virtually everything you can do locally can also be done in the cloud; torrenting is an excellent example. In our articles on the greatest movie streaming sites and BitTorrent clients, we mentioned popular apps like Vuze, Transmission, and BitTorrent. What if you want to avoid downloading torrents to your local machine? Cloud torrent service providers allow users to download torrent files directly from host websites to their favorite cloud service, such as Google Drive, Mega, or Dropbox, without needing torrent software. While many websites provide this service these days, not all platforms are made equal, and as always, TechPocket will provide you with a list of the top ones available.

Top 8 Best Cloud Torrent Service Providers To Use

1. Offcloud

Cloud Torrent Service

Offcloud is a feature-rich cloud torrent service that allows you to download and upload files for distant access. It was designed to be very efficient in retrieving content from the web. Its features include interacting with virtually any platform, including Google Drive, Bit Torrent, and Dropbox, automation with IFTTT, automated backup/export from RSS, user anonymity, and SoundCloud songs to MP3. Offcloud is free and provides access to three file hosting options: BitTorrent connections and streaming. More features cost $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year.


Cloud Torrent Service is a cloud torrent service that lets you download files quickly and securely for remote access anytime. It, dubbed “the cloud storage service with a certain gravity,” works with various apps and services, including Chromecast, Roku channel, IFTTT, Kodi, Apple TV, gaming consoles, and more. Also, it is crucial to note that, unlike some other titles mentioned, is neither a backup/sync service like Google Drive nor a file-sharing service. It allows you to access all of your downloaded content from the cloud. You may test the service for $0.99 before committing to a paying plan if it meets your requirements.

3. Bitport

Cloud Torrent Service

Bitport is a multi-platform cloud torrent and streaming service that lets you quickly, safely, and anonymously pirate content online. With a built-in NOD 32 antivirus, it features a gorgeous and user-friendly interface. A free Bitport account offers access to 1GB of cloud storage and one torrent download daily. You may also stream content anonymously (via HTTP) at top speeds. Subscribe to the Standard, Small, or Big payment plans to access more features.

4. TransferCloud

Cloud Torrent Service

TransferCloud is a cloud torrent service that lets you download torrent and magnet files, media, links, and other content straight to your cloud storage account, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or Amazon Cloud. It features anonymous torrenting, support for all file formats, multi-file and subdirectory downloads, and a 7-day trial. It is also available on all web browsers and mobile devices. TransferCloud’s Basic plan begins at $4.99, while the Premium and Power/Monster plans cost $9.99 and $15.99, respectively.

5. Zbigz

Zbigz is an online torrent and storage service that lets you download nearly any content, has no software or network limitations, supports remote downloads, and integrates with other cloud service providers such as Google Drive. Zbigz’s free membership is limited to two 1GB files that will be erased after seven days and a download speed of 150KBps. The free version also lacks several useful features, such as file caching, no adverts, a personal account, etc. Therefore, consider upgrading to a premium membership. One interesting aspect of Zbigz is that you may use it without establishing an account. However, you will be restricted to torrenting a single file with a 100MB maximum size.

6. is a secure cloud storage platform that also offers cloud torrent service providers with a vast library of torrents (movies, TV shows, music, games, and software), as well as speed boosts, anonymous downloading, downloading for multiple devices, a VPN service, and a free trial. It also offers a lifetime plan for €399.99, which is ideal if you want to commit long-term.

7. Seedr

Seedr is a cloud torrent service that provides quick access to online content for playing and downloading. Even while reading eBooks, it offers its customers the fastest speeds and complete privacy when streaming media. Also, it operates via a web interface and has been tuned to run seamlessly on any device, even a personal television. Simply copy and paste the torrent URL into the URL area, and you’re ready to go. A free Seedr account offers you access to just 2GB of storage and no restriction on the number of files you may download. Its monthly membership rates are $6.95 for Basic, $9.95 for Pro, and $19.95 for Master.

8. Torrent Safe

Torrent Safe is an online torrent download and streaming company that offers safe torrent services at some of the lowest pricing. It features excellent customer support, a maximum file size of 1GB, no download restriction, and a 2-day file lifespan for free! Using Torrent Safe is as straightforward as copying and pasting URLs into the relevant spaces. It features three payment plans: annual, subscription, and one-month pass, which cost $3.99, $4.95, and $5.69 per month, respectively.

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