Discord Bots To Boost Your Communication And Server

Discord Bots

Gaming is indeed the most common hobby across the world! People from different parts of the world compete with each other on these gaming platforms. But, communication is an essential aspect of playing these games. So, People from the same team can use it for strategic purposes while the opponents can use it to share their feedbacks or give suggestions.

Many games provide their communication platform. However, they are very rigid and lack numerous features. Hence, most of the gamers prefer using a different communication platform. It is when the Discord comes into the picture!

Discord is the most advanced communication in the gaming community. Gamers worldwide are using this platform instead of the one provided by the developers of their respective games. Well, This is due to its key features which include customizable and highly flexible. Thus, Another good part of these Discords is that the developer can add bots to them, enhancing your Discord’s user experience. Along with this, some features also get added to your server along with these Discord Bots.

Best Discord Bots – Boost Your Communication & Server

Here we’re with the list of some of the great Discord Bots which you can use to enhance your communication with gamers from all around the world! And Boost Your Server.


This primary function of this Discord Bots is to enhance the chat experience of its users. To achieve that goal, it provides a package that emphasizes chat, XHD video streaming, Hi-Fi music, Gifs, etc. Hence, Using this bot, you can play or pause your song by using a simple command. And, new songs can be added to the list if requested!

Trivia Bot:

As discussions can be boring sometimes, you can boost it up by playing a game within your Discord Bots! The name suggests that it is a multiplayer trivia game with over 3000 questions from 24 different categories such as television, science, nature, sports, etc. All the information related to the bot can be found inside itself! Hence, you can quickly know all the commands of the trivia bot.


This is one of the most extensive Discord Bots which you can add to your server. This comes with a lot of features such as as-.

1. So, Welcome messages to new members to your server.
2. Here, Provides with a dashboard for improved management of the server.
3. Now, You can search for information on Google or watch videos on YouTube while in the Discord itself!
4. This bot encourages gamers to stay active by introducing various levels and giving out XPs, assembled to declare the leaderboard!

It creates a competitive spirit amongst the players and thereby increasing the participation!


This bot’s distinguishing feature is that you can use voice control to give commands to your Discord. In other bots, to enter an order, the server’s manager must pause the game and enter the required knowledge manually. This is not only hectic but time-consuming. This command control is automatically activated when a user says ‘Hey Serum!’

Gamestats Bot:

As the name suggests, this bot’s primary function is to collect and compile the game progress. You can also create a profile for every member of your Discord using this bot and then check every player’s progress. This Discord bot is compatible with some popular games such as PUBG, World of Worships, Rust, Fortnite, etc. Since this bot’s commands are distant from most bots, you can refer all the bases from the internet.

Pancake Bot:

This pancake bot can be used to moderate your Discord chat and add music to it. So, Songs can be played from various well-known platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. Well, For moderation of your Discord, you can use the Pancake bot to mute or ban the members temporarily or permanently. This can deliver welcome messages to the new members and clear bulk or spam messages with a single click.


Here is another unique discord bot that comes with some tools for managing and moderating your Discord server quickly. This control panel can be used to check various settings such as server status, setting for auto-moderation, and manage moderation queues.

Guilded Bot:

This bot is essential for teams and gamers who play games such as PUBG, Warcraft, etc. So, Guilded Bot can be added to your Discord server to perform the following functions-

1. This dramatically helps in recruiting new players in your team.
2. These abilities of individual players is also improved for better performance.
3. Utilizing this bot, your team player can complete various missions together.
4. You can also announce your updates or inform your group members using this bot.

This is compatible with PUBG, Fortnite, DOTA 2, CS GO, Overwatch, etc.

Some additional honourable mentions include:

Pokecord Bot:

Even the bot introduces a short game in your Discord server to entertain the members. This game is based on the Pokemon show.


The bot acts as an automatic filter for your server. Hence, you can allow the bot to auto-ban the abusive members and quickly delete any objectionable content posted on the server!

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Final Words:

These were amazing of the most useful Discord Bots of 2021 which you can use to upgrade your Discord server and make it much more user-friendly than it was in its initial condition. You can utilize any of these bots based on your requirements and what the bots have to offer. Suppose you know of any such good Discord Bots that you can use to enhance the Discord server, and please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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