7 Top Managed WordPress Hosting Options for Business

Managed WordPress Hosting

When considering WordPress as an alternative, questions about security, scalability, and corporate support will arise, so managed WordPress hosting is essential for businesses.

After examining the following list of managed WordPress hosting providers, we looked at the advantages of utilizing WordPress as an enterprise content management system (CMS), the difficulties in implementing it, and the specifics of enterprise-grade hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

7 Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Business 2024

They should work wonders when it comes to managed WordPress hosting for business.

1) WordPress VIP

Large media and marketing organizations can focus on content creation while WordPress experts handle infrastructure, performance, and security concerns with WP VIP’s comprehensive service.

Several major media corporations, such as PMC, Abril, News Corp Australia, and others, can vouch for this. Because WP VIP becomes active in your projects—from helping you choose the best tools and models for your use cases to supporting you during launch and beyond—it’s just a Hosting that goes above and beyond being a business.

One of the core services of WP VIP is end-to-end consultancy. They collaborate with you on project planning and consideration from the beginning, and they support you throughout the process by handling all technical aspects and freeing you to focus on project management. Project planning, requirements analysis, evaluation of themes and plugins, platform and codebase audits in relation to your goals, and first partner recommendations are just a few of the other services available.

With its delivery network spanning 20 data centers globally and its cloud-based containerized infrastructure, WP VIP is able to monitor and optimize a critical part of the delivery path for your website.

WordPress VIP

2) WP Engine

Maintaining a staff of dedicated WordPress content creation experts requires constant effort on your part. With production features such as separate dev/stage/prod environments, Git integration, and SSH gateways, WP Engine can help you with this.

Thanks to free SSL certificates, real-time security risk monitoring, unique caching technology, and a global content distribution network, your hosting will always be properly configured and protected for your company. The worry of patching or updating WordPress or its plugins will never again affect your staff.

WP Engine collaborates with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver fast, scalable, secure, and highly available experiences. You don’t have to worry about getting the most out of WordPress because the AWS/GCP architecture is optimized for it.

In addition to providing infrastructure and support services, WP Engine provides training and a knowledge base for its customers to share their wealth of experience.

Leading companies like Microsoft and FindLaw are happy to use WP Engine services to maintain the health of their WordPress installations and eliminate performance, size and security issues.

WP Engine

3) Pagely

Pagely’s value proposition is built around three key pillars: flexibility, reliability, and scalability. Flexible custom hosting solutions meet your needs, and the reliability and scalability needed to finish the recipe are provided by an AWS-based infrastructure designed for optimal uptime.

Pagely offers two types of managed WordPress solutions: Business Class and Enterprise Class.

The former offers shell access, Git integration, and developer-friendly tools starting at $199 per month. The latter offers an exclusive managed hosting package with multi-regional redundancy, smooth resource scalability, and strong security starting at $2,500 per month.

Pagely’s solutions emphasize the goal of solving large corporate problems, moving away from the “one size fits all” approach that other WordPress hosting companies can provide. Pagely Hosting is used by a surprising number of well-known businesses, including Comcast, Panasonic, Garmin, Booking.com, Visa, and Booking.com. They all present case studies that demonstrate how Pagely facilitates the scalability of their WordPress installations.

Check out Pagely.

4) Pressidium

Pressidium specializes in providing WordPress environments with advanced system engineering. Some of its unique features include N-Tier Enterprise High-Availability, a highly complex security architecture, a load balance system fleet for unmatched speed, and a team of experienced engineers. Available 365 days a year, and solving almost all technical problems takes only a few minutes. Both first-level support agents and bots are missing.

Presidium is an industrial-grade company. Many potentially difficult tasks, such as setting up a staging environment, migrating WordPress sites and billing information, creating quick backups, managing SSL certificates, and deploying staging sites to production, are many of the WordPress hosting solutions. It can be simplified with one-click options.

Pressidium infrastructure is used by numerous Fortune 500 organizations, benefiting from its four core data center regions in North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia Pacific, as well as its 42 strategic edge sites located around the world.

Consider using Pressidium.

5) Kinsta

Largest corporations in the world, such as GE, Intuit, Michigan Aerospace, Flippa, Workforce, Ubisoft, Ricoh, and Valicor, have come to rely on Kinsta for content management due to its hosting projects, which include automated scalability and security measures for mission-critical websites.

The business takes advantage of the Google Cloud Platform and its premium tier network to provide the greatest performance. You can pick from 24 carefully chosen regions in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, and South America to host your website and have the lowest latency.

Some of Kinsta’s clients claim to have highly trained WordPress experts on staff who are always ready to help meet their clients’ needs. Without jeopardizing a live website, developers can freely experiment with a click staging environment and plugins, themes and updates.

If an untested component gets into the live environment and starts to cause issues, you can restore the entire website with just one click. This is made possible by an automated, redundant, and discrete backup system.

Try Kinsta.

6) Cloudways

Those who value consistent availability, speed, and top-notch performance should go with managed cloud hosting. Cloudways seems to be the top option for individuals, agencies, and SMBs in this category. Your hosting experience with them is reliable and scalable thanks to their managed WordPress hosting.

You can choose from one of the top 5 IaaS cloud providers—DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr, and Linode—when you use Cloudways WordPress Hosting. Additionally, since Cloudways enables easy scaling at any time, you don’t have to worry about managing traffic surges.

And all this is available at a very low price. Almost any user can start with less than $10/month and pay only for the resources they use, saving all the extra costs thanks to their innovative PAYG programs. Their commercial WordPress hosting is ideal for businesses with heavy-traffic blogs and offers better speed due to its WordPress SaaS optimization.

Users rate Cloudways positively for its features, including automatic backups, Elasticsearch, multiple PHP versions, simple server management, support for MySQL and MariaDB, and, recently, Cloudflare. Do you ever find yourself in a bind? Contact their live, round-the-clock support staff for immediate assistance.

Take advantage of Cloudways’ free 3-day trial, which doesn’t require a credit card number like other hosting companies do.

Check out Cloudways.

7) Nexcess

An online infrastructure for Internet-dependent businesses is called enterprise hosting. Nexcess can boost your performance in countless ways thanks to its customizable architecture!

  • Fast and adaptable infrastructure with custom WordPress custom architecture maintained by Nexcess.
  • High Availability: Regardless of the number of users online, your servers remain very fast.
  • Robust performance: When you need performance, better global clusters deliver it.
  • Strong Security: The environment meets PCI, GDPR, and SOC I and II certification requirements.
  • Network uptime is 100% guaranteed.
  • White glove service with excellent enterprise support provided by Nexcess
  • Group for enterprise support.

Give it a try and let us know if it meets your hosting needs.

Check out Nexcess.

The list of managed WordPress hosting companies is now complete. I’ve gone into detail about the benefits and challenges of WordPress and its applications, as well as the true nature of enterprise web hosting.

Advantages of WordPress for Enterprise Content Management

Traditional enterprise-grade content management systems, such as CRMs (customer relationship management) and ERPs (enterprise resource planning), can integrate with many business-critical platforms, including Drupal, Sitecore, and Umbraco, among others. Surprise! If you pair WordPress with the right resources, it can accomplish that too.

Additionally, WordPress can serve as a headless content management system, which is essential for businesses that embrace the Internet of Things and use non-traditional technologies such as voice assistants and intelligent wearables.

For all types of users—including large companies—WordPress’ user-friendliness and extensive ecosystem of plugins are selling points. Adoption of a tool in an organizational setting also depends on other important aspects, such as learning curves and the availability of skilled resources.

It’s easy to find workers with WordPress knowledge, and you don’t need to entice them with high fees to hire them. Additionally, a smooth learning curve reduces resource training costs.

Barriers to the Adoption of WordPress and Solutions

Scalability issues with WordPress stem from the fact that as a website grows in size, so do its complexity and maintenance costs. Critics of leading content management systems (CMS) point out that, even with a site that has a few plugins, you have to deal with new problems practically every day.

The open nature of the WordPress platform creates security holes that allow thieves to access large businesses’ information. Businesses worry that their content management system (CMS) could become a house of cards, but luckily, there are ways to mitigate these risks and take advantage of the benefits of WordPress.

Hiring a reputed managed hosting company with service as per business requirements is the basis of such tactics.

In any case, What is Enterprise-Grade Hosting?

There are several managed WordPress hosting companies available. Some even charge as little as a few dollars a month for their services. However, what is expected from an enterprise hosting provider is not so much low cost as it is an efficient solution that meets the needs of the enterprise.

Among these requirements are:

  • The performance-oriented infrastructure is built on advanced software and technology that delivers unparalleled speed.
  • Employing all available defenses against attacks and malicious intent, including firewalls, DDoS detection, and round-the-clock monitoring.
  • Resilience to backups and errors.
  • Ability to grow with the volume your website can experience.
  • Expert WordPress support with promised speed of response.

Consequently, if your supplier meets these requirements, you’ll find the ideal partner—assuming they also meet your company’s goals.


Recruit a Friend

Businesses need more than just service providers. When needs arise, they demand that partners turn into allies. While choosing a Managed WordPress Hosting company, it is very important to evaluate the features, benchmarks, service levels and other factors. Even so, what’s most important is knowing ahead of time whether the provider will be there to help you when you need it most.

To get a clear picture of the likely nature of the relationship between your firm and each potential supplier, try to gather feedback from other customers—whether satisfied or not—after you’ve narrowed down your shortlist of contenders. reduce

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