Top 10 Privacy-Focused Web Browsers for iPhone

Privacy-Focused Web Browsers

In this digital age, let’s face it, nothing is private. No matter how hard you try, your privacy will not be protected. You will of course be followed from site to site by trackers. Unbeknownst to many, search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, and others monitor our online behavior to show relevant ads.

In the same vein, other parties track our online activities. Professionals often recommend proxies and VPNs as ways to get around web trackers. The reality is that a VPN by itself will not be able to keep you completely anonymous. It is important to use a privacy-oriented web browser to maintain privacy.

Best Privacy-Focused Web Browsers for iPhone

The list of safest Android web browsers has already been released. Today we are going to talk about the top iPhone browsers for privacy. Some iPhone web browsers are superior to others when it comes to privacy.

1) Brave Browser

The first on the list of Privacy-Focused Web Browsers is Brave Browser. It is a well-liked web browser application for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. When it comes to the iOS version of Brave Browser, it automatically blocks trackers, dangerous scripts, ads and fingerprints.

In addition, Brave Browser comes with a built-in download manager, bookmark manager, and more.

2) Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Browser may be your best option if you’re looking for an iPhone web browser that’s fast, private, tracker- and ad-free.

Even if the browser looks outdated, you can see who is using your data to monitor you on the page. In addition, the web browser comes with features like Ghost Mode, a private search engine, and an ad blocker.

3) Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser is an iPhone web browser with a privacy focus that was built for unparalleled security and privacy.

what do you think Avast Secure Browser features include an integrated VPN, an ad blocker, and total data protection.

Avast Secure Browser’s built-in privacy features also protect you from trackers, hackers and ISPs.

4) Snowbunny Private Web Browser

Snowbunny Private Web Browser is one of the lightest and fastest web browsers on the iOS App Store. Additionally, it was among the first iOS web browsers to provide full-screen browsing.

Snowbunny Private Web Browser’s full-screen mode allows you a 35% larger viewable area. Additionally, it has a private mode that deletes all cookies and browsing history.

5) Aloha Browser

For those looking for an iPhone web browser that’s full-featured, free, and fast, Aloha Browser might be the best option.

The web browser, known for its excellent functionality, simplicity of use, and clean interface, is currently used by millions of people. Features, including an ad blocker, free VPN, private tabs, a QR code reader, and more, are available to Aloha Browser users.

6) Epic Privacy Browser

If you are looking for a web browser that offers the best privacy, security and performance, Epic Privacy Browser is the only option to consider.

Despite having fewer downloads than other programs, Epic Privacy Browser is more feature-rich than most web browsers. Along with few other online browsers, Epic Privacy Browser offers a free VPN, ad blocker, movie downloader, file vault and more.

Epic Privacy Browser’s strict no-logs policy makes its VPN particularly noteworthy. In general, Epic Privacy Browser is an excellent iPhone web browser that you should not ignore.

7) CyberGhost Private Browser

Although less widely used than other online browsers, CyberGhost Private Browser nevertheless has many helpful features. The web browser was built with security and privacy in mind.

By default, CyberGhost Private Browser blocks all forms of online tracking and surveillance. It also provides practical security features, such as biometric bookmark protection. All things considered, CyberGhost Private Browser is an excellent iPhone web browser with a privacy focus.

8) Onion Browser

The next on the list of Privacy-Focused Web Browsers is Onion Browser. Despite the lack of Tor Browser for iOS, Onion Browser is officially recommended by the Tor Project as the most private choice on iOS. An open source web browser with multiple privacy, safety and security features is called Onion Browser.

The good news is that Onion Browser hides your real IP address by encrypting your internet traffic and rerouting it to three different countries. Using the Tor network through Onion Browser prevents ISPs from tracking your online activity.

9) Firefox Focus

Now one of the best web browsers is Firefox Focus, which disables many different internet trackers. With no modifications required, its private browsing mode eliminates a variety of popular site trackers.

Additionally, when you exit Firefox Focus, trackers, cookies, history, and passwords are also deleted.

10) DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

The last on the list of Privacy-Focused Web Browsers is, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser closely resembles the Firefox Focus browser described above. It gives you all the privacy settings you need to easily manage your personal data. It disables all hidden third-party ads and trackers by default.


On your iOS device, these are the top several Privacy-Focused Web Browsers. If you value your privacy, use these web browsers on your iPhone. Please share any additional iOS private web browsers you are aware of in the comments section.

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