6 TOP Amazon Price Trackers to Buy at the Right Time

Amazon Price Trackers

The holiday shopping season is almost upon you. If you need to get ready to shop online at the best price at the right time with Amazon Price Trackers, you’ve come to the ideal place.

Since digital platforms like Amazon are the only type of e-commerce marketplaces, platform owners and sellers have complete control over price adjustments.

These internet marketplaces usually raise prices when a particular item is in high demand. Conversely, when sales volume is low and demand is weak, online marketplaces lower their prices.

However, unlike stock trading apps, you are unable to monitor every price change of millions of products on these electronic markets. You can use price trackers instead. Given that Amazon is the most popular e-commerce site worldwide, there are several Amazon price monitors available.

This post introduces you to the greatest and most well-liked Amazon price tracker programs that will help you save a ton of money on Christmas shopping.

Learn more by reading Amazon’s price tracking tools, standard features, and some popular price tracking apps. Using them can help you become an informed consumer.

What is Price Tracker on Amazon?

With the invaluable help of Amazon Price Tracker, customers and online retailers can monitor the prices of various products offered by Amazon over time and use this information to make informed decisions about personal and business purchases.

In addition to giving large corporations the ability to incorporate their insights into their pricing strategies, this makes it incredibly helpful for personal shoppers to find great deals. In either case, businesses can easily access historical price fluctuations, set price alerts, and track specific items or categories.

Web browser extensions, desktop and mobile apps, websites, and a dedicated app are just a few of the many tools and services available that make it easy for you to stay informed of any potential deals you might find. Can be found when shopping on Amazon.

Amazon’s Position in the E-Commerce Industry

An analysis by Statista reports that Amazon generates an average of $1.29 billion in sales revenue every day. According to Emarketer, it holds nearly 40% market share in the US e-commerce market alone. Not to mention, it has 310 million active users worldwide, according to eTail.

And that’s not all! It provides earning options to part-timers and independent contractors in affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, Kindle Direct Publishing, and many other areas.

It would be unfair if we didn’t bring out its logistics system. Its transportation and product catalog serves as a global model. This logistics system has many dynamic components, including drones, delivery partners, last-mile delivery vans, air networks, and Amazon Freight Services.

In the countries where it does business, Amazon hosts the largest sales events in a variety of notable national and international gatherings.

Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and India are among the countries where Amazon is most present. This technology meets delivery dates by providing a large volume of products during sales events for both prime and non-prime customers.

Amazon said in its Q1 2021 business report that there are more than 200 million active Amazon Prime members worldwide. And over the past few days, the number has inevitably multiplied.

To put it succinctly, Amazon is the industry standard for online retailers. Every Amazon competitor tries hard to match Amazon’s quality and quantity. However, for a long time, their efforts seemed futile.

If a new company is selling anything—books, consumer products, music, Kindle content, on-demand movies, etc.—they must register as a seller on Amazon.

The goal of any aspiring influencer or affiliate marketer is to turn the Amazon Affiliate Program into a profitable venture. Thus, wherever it operates, the Amazon is an ecology of many economies that work together with the national economy.

Getting Angry When a Recent Purchase Results in a Price Drop

For consumers who enjoy shopping on a tight budget, Amazon is a veritable shopping paradise. You can buy reasonably priced, high-end gear without breaking the bank. We’ve all, though, occasionally felt that the price we paid for a recent Amazon purchase wasn’t the best.

How does something like this happen? It’s possible that you’ve seen a price drop on Amazon for TF cards, gaming chairs, or gaming desks that you liked and bought a few days ago.

There is nothing more frustrating than when you spend $100 on a product on Amazon and your friend, on your recommendation, spends $80 on the same item the next day. With millions of customers worldwide who shop on Amazon, this happens often.

Product vendors are competing to optimize their prices to take advantage of the best holiday deals, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.

Other competitors will be quick to provide deals, discounts, cashback, and flat discounts to unexpectedly boost sales of certain products from the seller’s Amazon site. That’s when you find out that the price of the item you bought yesterday on Amazon has dropped by 10% or 20%.

How do Amazon Price Trackers Work?

Amazon Price Trackers monitor changes in food and material prices across many Amazon markets. Potential customers or Amazon customers must select the items they wish to purchase. After that, these platforms start monitoring price fluctuations around the world. On Amazon, you have the option to specify an approximate price range within which you want to buy a product.

You receive instant notifications from Amazon Price Tracker tools whenever a selected product reaches a desired price threshold that you previously set. These platforms can also be used to track the availability of popular products that are about to run out of stock.

Typically, these services track product prices using a variety of Amazon APIs. These technologies can be further automated with the help of APIs. As a result, program creators can track product prices on Amazon without having to hire staff to do manual data entry and Internet research.

Price monitors on Amazon have become a really helpful resource for people who enjoy shopping there. It’s important that you take advantage of one of the top Amazon pricing tools that this article highlights.

How does Amazon Price Tracker Help Sellers?

Sellers can monitor and optimize product prices on Amazon with the help of price tracker tools. Seller competitiveness can be further enhanced with Amazon Price Tracker tools, and revenue can be maximized by making data-driven decisions that will improve a company’s prospects on the platform.

How can traders benefit from them;

  • To make sure you make timely adjustments ahead of time, use a reliable price tracker, set up price alerts, and stay updated on any changes in the market. For sellers, knowing when an item’s price drops or rises above a certain threshold is important information.
  • Use the price tracking feature to track market rates and get actionable data to optimize your pricing for success.
  • Review past pricing information on Amazon to identify patterns and modify your approach accordingly. This will allow vendors to make informed decisions about pricing their products throughout the year.
  • They can help suppliers optimize their earnings by monitoring both prices and demand. Companies can maximize their operating profit by adjusting or changing prices in response to changes in sales volume or customer availability hours.
  • Automatic repricing: Advanced price trackers have automatic repricing, which dynamically changes based on predefined rules to keep you in the market.
  • Price trackers have the ability to offer predictive analytics, enabling vendors to anticipate changes in demand and make proactive price adjustments.

Amazon Price Trackers: Some Amazing Features

Different Amazon price tracking tools have different features. The pricing and development model of apps usually affects functionality. However, all reliable Amazon price tracking software includes similar features:

  • An Amazon Price Tracker event setup console.
  • A system that notifies you via email, WhatsApp or SMS when the prices of your selected items change.
  • A tool to monitor the availability of out-of-stock products.
  • Notice when out-of-stock products become available again.
  • A timeline of prices for your selected items.
  • Filtering functions: discount, price, product, review, etc.
  • Amazon Product Search Tool.
  • The best tool for recommending deals.

You’ve now covered Amazon’s price tracking tools and their features. Now, learn about the Amazon Price Trackers that you can use to search Amazon for the best offers and prices:

1) Earny

The first on the list of Amazon Price Trackers is, Earny empowers you by enabling you to determine when a product is the right buy. Users can get price drop alerts for products listed on Amazon by linking this Amazon Price Tracker app to their Amazon account, enabling them to track product prices around the clock.

When you shop online, you can also use Earny to get cashback on over 5,000 brands. If you link your Amazon account for reimbursement, you can also receive a refund for late-arriving items. Additionally, winnings on Amazon purchases may include cash prizes, gift cards to Amazon, and prepaid Visa cards.

2) Honey

Honey is the platform you’re looking for if you want it to monitor the price of your favorite Amazon goods and notify you when it drops. Droplist is the biggest feature of this platform. You can save items from various retailers here, and you’ll be notified when the price of any item drops.

This software is available for download on iOS and Android smartphones, or it can be added to your Chrome browser as an extension. You can add your favorite Amazon products from eligible countries using this addon.

Should the price of any things you have stored decrease, Honey will promptly let you know.
The main feature of this app is that it allows you to track product prices across multiple platforms in one convenient place.

3) Glass It

Glass It Amazon Price Tracker helps you monitor the price fluctuations of any product you want to buy from Amazon. To receive price drop notifications, enter the product page URL and your email address. It can also be used to check the price on Amazon every day.

Additionally, the platform is perfect for researching past prices of Amazon products and discovering attractive deals on them. You can also see price changes by importing your Amazon wish list.

The iOS or Android app is available to download In addition to the website. Web browser add-ons for Glass It are also available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

4) CamelCamelCamel

Another popular Amazon price tracking tool that you should check out right now is CamelCamelCamel. Compared to all its rival devices in the market for a comparable category, it has some very unusual features. The main features of the product are:

  • Cost reduction analysis
  • Product Availability Chart
  • A price history chart or timeline
  • Use CamelCamelCamel to search for any product on Amazon.
  • Extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla and Safari browsers
  • Account registration is optional.
  • Amazon Locations Support
  • Create price drop alerts and import your Amazon wish list.
  • An interface for management to process bulk product pricing

The public can use most of the portal’s services for free. It also supports a large number of Amazon e-commerce markets, including the US, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and Canada. When you register for an account on CamelCamelCamel, the tool also recommends different products based on your search history.

5) Keepa

Another important brand to include while talking about Amazon product price tracking is Keepa. For over 3000 million Amazon products spread across 12 Amazon e-commerce marketplaces, a comprehensive pricing table is displayed. The tool, for example, has coverage for the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, India, Brazil, etc.

Among its standout app features are:

  • Charts showing price history
  • Notice of price drop
  • Alerts on product availability
  • Product pricing on Amazon in other countries
  • The best daily deals that can significantly reduce your Christmas shopping costs.

You can download the web app for free. For the best experiences on this portal, you can register for an account.

Get Keepa for iOS and Android for free.

6) Price Before

The last in the list of Amazon Price Trackers is Price Before. Before setting prices, you can monitor product prices, review price history using graphs and charts, and receive alerts when prices drop. Price Before is an Amazon price tracking tool. You can track free prices for any product on Amazon, including watches, laptops, cell phones, appliances and accessories.

On this page, you can enter the product’s URL to view the product’s full pricing history. To receive alerts, you can also select a target price range. In addition, you have the ability to search for the product category you want to buy and use parameters such as brand, price range, availability, and price reduction period.

That’s it for the list of Amazon Price Trackers.


Final Remarks

In many countries, Amazon has grown in popularity as an online retailer. To sell their goods on Amazon, sellers are engaged in a fierce pricing war. By using any of the Amazon price tracker tools mentioned above, you can take advantage of these price wars on Amazon.

Small businesses, solo sellers, family businesses, and other similar businesses that sell on Amazon can also benefit from these apps. Mostly, they can monitor competitors’ pricing tactics using the aforementioned technologies.

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