7 Top Conversion Tracking Software for Managers

Conversion Tracking Software

It goes without saying that, as a business owner, you employ a range of digital marketing techniques to boost your online presence.

It can increase your social media presence, paid performance, and organic traffic. Naturally, you should monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Measuring the effectiveness of display and search media marketing is called conversion tracking. All actions resulting in conversions are tracked through conversion tracking software.

It helps you analyze the activities and behavior of your customers towards your business in addition to measuring conversion rates.

Benefits of Conversion Tracking Software

Conversion Tracking Software

Conversion tracking is important for enhancing your marketing strategies as it provides insight into how well your advertising campaigns are performing. This can benefit any firm in several ways. Let’s review a few of them.

  • Using metrics like revenue and conversions, among others, helps determine ROI.
  • This helps you successfully retarget new visitors and prospects who have expressed interest in your ads.
  • Information such as demographics, geographic location, keywords, connections, etc., helps narrow down the focus to profitable niches.
  • You can allocate marketing dollars more wisely with insights.
  • For a better user experience, conversion monitoring also helps in the development of your website, apps, or platforms.

Now, let’s talk about the importance of conversion tracking software.

Why is Tracking Conversions Important?

For ad networks and advertisers alike, tracking conversions is crucial. It helps them determine the source of the lead or conversion, such as installation, purchase, etc.

Conversion Tracking Software

They can know about the caliber of the source. An increased understanding of campaign performance ultimately leads to better optimization.

How Does Conversion Tracking Software Work?

Developing specific conversion activities is the first and most fundamental step to monitoring conversions. The following types of actions can be measured with the help of these conversion operations.

  • Website actions: These include any purchases, installations, sign-ups and other activities that users complete on your website or applications.
  • Phone calls: can come from numbers on your website, direct call numbers from your ads, or from customers clicking on your number on your mobile portal.
  • App Installs: Installing your iOS or Android apps and paying for any additional services they offer is called app installation.
  • Native Actions: This includes any interaction that users have with your ads.
  • Import: Consumer behavior that begins online and ends offline.

Online, there are many tools for tracking conversions. Now, let’s look at some of the best choices for measuring campaign conversions.

1) TruConversion

TruConversion is a good choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use conversion tracking Software that generates accurate reports.

It serves as a comprehensive analytics and feedback tool to help you analyze the behavior of your visitors. You can adjust your campaign strategy and increase conversions as a result.

It includes features like multiple domain management, intelligent page targeting, and data download options.

2) Pixelfy.me

With Pixelfy.me, you can retarget your clients and increase sales effectively. Effective click tracking, campaign tracking, deep linking, A/B testing, Geo-targeting, and other features are made possible by this program.

Additionally, it helps you retarget relevant ads to your clients when they click on your links. Because it provides comprehensive statistics, you can analyze data more quickly.

3) Marin Tracker

Do you want to measure the effectiveness of your ads? Consider using Marin Tracker as your conversion tracking solution. This can provide great campaign optimization benefits.

It includes advanced capabilities, including call tracking, mobile app tracking, attribution, real-time analytics, automated tagging, and unified reporting.

This enables you to review the entire customer journey as they interact with your marketing content. So you can increase the quality of your work even more.

4) Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is the best choice if you’re looking for conversion tracking software that goes beyond a simple reporting tool.

It provides in-depth research and actionable insights to help you understand your customers’ behavior. Using intelligent insights, you can optimize your advertising and provide a better user experience.

5) Improvely

Improvely makes it easy for you to track and maximize the results of your marketing strategy.

It has a developer API, click fraud tracking, built-in A/B testing tools, and more. All data can be tracked in real-time. All of the data is summarized in an easy-to-use dashboard.

You can use this tool to find the best prospects and get the most out of your marketing budget.

6) AnyTrack

AnyTrack facilitates the tracking, tagging and sharing of conversion data across multiple ad networks.

It uses signals from your marketing funnels to deliver reliable, real-time data. Additionally, it sends all collected data to Facebook Conversion API, Google Adwords API, etc.

As a result, you can monitor more conversions. It enables you to monitor and sync conversions with Facebook, Google Analytics, and Google Ads.

It enables you to link to multiple conversion sources, such as Shopify, Woocommerce, etc.

7) ConversionFly

The last in the list of Conversion Tracking Software is, ConversionFly helps in the successful optimization of your marketing initiatives. It provides useful metrics to back up your strategies and help you grow your company.

This software describes the entire conversion report with utmost accuracy. It is a tracking and conversion-friendly one-pixel solution. Real-time tracking of sponsored, direct, organic, and referral traffic is available.

With over 21 marketing metrics, it uses an efficient comparative reporting approach.

That’s it for the list of Conversion Tracking Software.


Final Remarks

By monitoring the success or failure of your marketing initiatives, you can successfully optimize your strategies. Thus, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your efforts, try any of these Conversion Tracking Software.

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