10 Top Android Launchers Apps With Battery Saving Features

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If you’ve been using the Android operating system for a while, you might already be familiar with the fact that customization options are a major selling point of the system. The Google Play Store offers plenty of custom Android Launchers Apps, such as Microsoft Launcher and Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is the most used among them.

With all its customization options, Nova Launcher is resource-efficient. However, not many people have complained about battery drain.

Although launcher apps are often not resource intensive, it is always better to use lightweight launchers with battery saving capabilities if you use a smaller smartphone.

10 Best Battery Saving Android Launchers Apps

So, unless you’re using live wallpapers, in this article, we’ll discuss a few Android launcher apps that don’t drain your power. Many launcher apps also provide battery saving functions to prolong battery life.

1) Lean Launcher

Although Lean Launcher isn’t as well-maintained or as popular as some of the other launchers on the list, it’s still one of the best and lightest launcher apps for Android phones.

This launcher program is lightweight, open source, and highly customizable, offering an abundance of fun and practical features. The launcher consumes very little power as it is lightweight and doesn’t miss out on weird animations.

2) Super P Launcher

Super P Launcher, as its name suggests, takes a lot of inspiration from the Android 9.0 operating system.

If you are running an older version of the operating system, you can use this launcher to get all the features of Android 9 for free. Apart from all the visual features of Android 9, there are many other tools included, such as RAM Booster and Battery Saver.

3) CMM Launcher

One of the best rated and most customizable launchers available on the Play Store is CMM Launcher. The program includes several features including phone booster, configurable home screen, transition effects and 3D effects. Additionally, it has a battery saver that kills unnecessary programs in the background.

4) Creative Launcher

If you are looking for a dedicated launcher with advanced features, you should try Creative Launcher. In a way, the launcher is innovative. For example, the app drawer has a small keyboard that you can use to find the apps you want.

It also supports custom icon packs, gestures and other features. Apart from this, it also includes power saver and memory booster.

5) O Launcher

Do you miss the look of Android Oreo? In that case, you should try O Launcher. This launcher app promises to give your device an Android 8.0 Oreo look.

You can download more than 5000 themes from O Launcher’s theme shop. In terms of tools, it has a battery saver, storage optimizer, and RAM booster.

6) Nova Launcher

Although Nova Launcher lacks a battery saver, it has many features that help it consume less power.

For example, you can extend your smartphone’s battery life by turning on dark mode and disabling animations. Users can also turn off pop-up menus, app animations and other features with the Launcher app.

7) Microsoft Launcher

A portable launcher app called Microsoft Launcher can be found on the Google Play Store. Microsoft is the developer, and it provides a plethora of productivity tools, such as OneNote, the To-Do app, Stick Notes (widgets) and more.

Apart from being lightweight, the launcher software has a dark mode. As such, one of the greatest lightweight launcher apps available right now is Microsoft Launcher.

8) Before Launcher

Before Launcher is a simple Android launcher app that is completely free and has all its features unlocked, with its minimal home screen and notification filter, the Launcher app promises to minimize distractions.

With the Launcher app’s extensive customization options, you can create a unique, minimalist look for your home screen. The main function of the launcher is to save your power, even if it doesn’t have a special power saver.

9) Full Launcher

One of the most distinctive launchers available for your Android smartphone is Full Launcher. The application updates older smartphones with the latest Android capabilities.

Even with its extensive customization capabilities, the full launcher is incredibly resource-efficient and lightweight. Although Full Launcher lacks a dedicated battery-saver option, you can adjust its settings to extend your phone’s battery life.

10) Solo Launcher

One of the quickest Android launchers available on the Google Play Store is Solo Launcher. With its various capabilities, the lightweight launcher program can speed up your smartphone.

A task manager, trash cleaner, speed booster, etc. are some examples. Additionally, Solo Launcher provides an abundance of beautiful themes and backgrounds.


Thus, these are the top battery saving Android launcher apps. Please share similar launcher programs you know with us in the comments section below. I hope you found this article useful! Please send it to your friends too.

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