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Reading comics has emerged as a popular pastime lately, with many people spotted engrossed in comic books. However, as the digital age advances, a shift towards electronic versions of comics is noticeable, with readers favoring the convenience of digital platforms. These readers are in search of specialized services tailored to comic enthusiasts, offering a variety of reading options.

Ehviewer is an Android application tailored for manga enthusiasts. It provides functionalities to read, manage, and automatically track where you left off in your reading. The app offers the convenience of adjusting the text size to suit your comfort and the ability to pick up on the exact spot where you previously stopped reading. This application boasts various reading options that merit giving it a shot.

In the following text, we’ll present a fantastic online service to avid fans of comics and manga. Ehviewer platform allows users to enjoy their beloved comic books, and we’ll explain the process of downloading them onto your Android device, delve into its characteristics, and discuss various other details.

What is EhViewer?

Ehviewer is a mobile app designed for reading comics that provides various functionalities to improve your reading enjoyment. You can enlarge the text, track where you left off, enjoy its appealing user interface, and explore a vast array of comics available in its collection.

This Android app provides a platform for you to browse and sort your preferred comic books, allowing you to efficiently catalog your comics and manga series. It features simple options to enlarge the text or increase the font size, making the reading experience more comfortable for you.

Furthermore, Ehviewer preserves the point in your reading where you halted, allowing you to resume from the exact spot during your next session. You have the option to organize your beloved comics into a distinct assortment and store them in a dedicated folder, enhancing both accessibility and organization.

Way to Download and Install Ehviewer APK?

To enjoy an excellent comic book experience on your Android device, simply download and install this application on your smartphone. Adhere to the provided instructions and you’ll be all set.

  • Unlock your smartphone and establish an internet connection.
  • Ensure that the version of Android on your device is 5.0 or higher.
  • Launch your web browser and navigate to the search field.
  • Search for the official website of Ehviewer.
  • Click on the initial link that is displayed on your monitor.
  • A link for downloading will be provided on the site.
  • Click the latest APK download link.
  • The downloading process for that APK is going to commence.
  • Navigate to the location where the file has been saved once the download process is finished.
  • Proceed to select the file you have downloaded and initiate the setup process.
  • You’ll need to pause for a few moments, after which the file will be set up.
  • Once the installation process is finished, you’ll find the app’s icon displayed on your main screen.
  • Tap on it to launch the app.
  • Search for your preferred comics using the search bar and have pleasure in reading them.

Ehviewer Features

This comic reading app possesses several distinguished characteristics that set it apart from others. Below, we have listed these notable features.

Huge Comic Library

The app provides a vast selection of comics and manga for its audience. Regardless of your preference in comic genres, you can find a match for your taste as they cater to all readers with their diverse collection.

Text Zooming Feature

If you’re struggling to comfortably read tiny font on your cellphone, there’s no reason for concern. They have a remedy available. They provide a functionality that allows you to magnify the text in the comics you’re perusing. You can enlarge the text to your preference and achieve effortless reading. This function prioritizes the comfort of your eyes by increasing the size of the material for better visibility.

App personalization

Adjust the app to suit your style and convenience preferences. Customize various elements like the app’s theme, home screen, icon appearances, and the width of the text, among numerous other features that aren’t available with alternative applications. This flexibility in customization is provided to shift the focus toward a more user-friendly experience.

Offline Reading

It’s easy to assume it’s just an app for reading comics online, but we’re happy to tell you there’s more to it. This app allows not only for online reading, but you can also enjoy your comics offline. Simply look up the comics you love and save them to your device. Plus, you have the option to adjust the image quality and file size to your liking.

Create a Collection

Create a personalized library of favored manga titles by saving them to your bookmarks. Locating your choice comics will no longer be challenging since you can compile them into a dedicated folder. To highlight a particular comic as a favorite, simply open it and click on the heart-shaped icon.

Free and Safe App

This application costs nothing to use as it doesn’t require the purchase of any subscription plans. A common worry with free applications is their security, but rest assured, this particular app is extremely secure and poses no threat of viruses or malware to your cellphone. The security of your personal information is guaranteed, relieving you of any concerns regarding data safety.

User-friendly UI

Ehviewer’s user interface is not only visually appealing but also extremely intuitive and straightforward. The ability to effortlessly look for your preferred manga and move within the app makes it very accessible. Its simplicity ensures that even those with minimal technological expertise will encounter no troubles while operating this application.



Ehviewer is an app designed for reading comics on mobile devices, providing a range of features to improve your reading enjoyment. This app includes various functionalities that are worth exploring, and it has gained significant popularity among those who love reading comics. To use this app, you can download and install the APK file using the provided guidelines above. We trust that this tutorial has been useful for our audience.

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