7 Top Dedicated Server Hosting Providers for Critical Business

Dedicated Server Hosting

The best dedicated server hosting can help you maintain the best possible settings for your critical business applications, including financial systems, messaging apps, SaaS, APIs, and more. These programs are essential for commercial operations.

This is due to the fact that when a critical business application is stopped or fails, core organizational processes are affected. As a result, a firm’s performance, app performance, economics, productivity, security, and customer trust can all suffer. These alone can undermine your brand’s authority in a highly competitive market.

That’s why, for your program to work as efficiently as possible, you need to take every precaution to keep it healthy. In light of this, dedicated server hosting, which offers superior speed, security, and dependability, might work wonders for your vital business applications.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This post will explain the benefits of dedicated server hosting for business apps and then talk about some of the top Dedicated Server Hosting that can help you with them.

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Dedicated Server Hosting: What is it?

You can run your application on a single, powerful computer and have total control over the server when you use dedicated server hosting. You and other users do not need to share server resources in this instance. As a result, you have unmatched speed, security, availability, and performance—all the components you need to power your online apps.

They also give you root access, enabling you to install software, change configurations, and control server settings, among other things. Owning a dedicated server is like owning a full house. It provides you with all the features and tools you need to host with ease. But it doesn’t share your server resources.

Dedicated hosting is expensive, but based on what’s available, it seems worth it. So, if your company is already established and your traffic, sales, and revenue are growing, it is better to wait to switch to dedicated hosting until you have enough money to spare. If not, it can overwhelm you.

Additionally, medium-sized companies or organizations that cater to sectors such as e-commerce, healthcare, banking, video gaming, etc., should consider dedicated hosting. They require a high level of security and privacy for their customers and company data.

Managed and unmanaged/self-managed dedicated hosting are the two types available.

  • If you choose managed dedicated hosting, your host will take care of the server infrastructure, maintenance, tools, patches, upgrades, performance, etc. If you don’t have a dedicated staff to manage the server, this is beneficial for you.
  • If you choose unmanaged dedicated hosting, you should take care of the server that your web host has given you. Installing an operating system, installing programs and tools to perform tasks, adding functionality, monitoring the performance and security of your apps, performing maintenance, and many other tasks are all necessary. A team or technical know-how is beneficial to handle all these responsibilities. Also, it costs less than managed dedicated hosting.

Unlike options like virtual private servers (VPS) or virtual machines, dedicated hosting is an ideal option if you need the type of web hosting to handle a lot of processing or work. They won’t be enough to provide the degree of performance, stability, control, security, and reliability you need to run your critical company apps.

What Advantages do Dedicated and Bare Metal Servers Offer?

Dedicated Server Hosting

Although they are sometimes used synonymously, dedicated servers and bare metal are not the same. The way the web host provides them to customers varies.

Dedicated servers typically have less hardware than bare metal, longer deployment periods, and billing over months or years.

One can think of bare metal as a more sophisticated form of dedicated servers. It was introduced to improve the entire hosting experience and overcome the shortcomings of dedicated servers. The latest hardware components, including the latest processors and graphics cards, faster deployment times, and a cloud service payment model, are all provided by bare metal servers.

Dedicated and bare-metal servers are reliable and stable web hosting options for organizations and can be a better and more secure option than other types of hosting, hence the price.

Let us now explore some of the advantages of bare metal or dedicated servers:

  • More processing power for performance: Since dedicated servers and bare-metal servers use high-end hardware designed for performance, they have more computing power. As a result, your applications run more smoothly and responsively.
  • Better physical isolation: They use the latest technology and pay close attention to detail to enable optimal use of resources and protection against cyber attacks.
  • Increased control over the software stack and server: You have more power to modify and access anything on your server. Additionally, they give you root access so you can change settings, add personal touches, and customize your server however you see fit.
  • Consistent disk performance and network I/O: Dedicated and bare-metal servers provide greater stability and consistency in terms of disk performance and network I/O, allowing you to run your critical business programs consistently. Enables work.
  • Increased security and compliance: You won’t be sharing resources with anyone else because you own your server. It enhances security with advanced security capabilities like DDoS avoidance to protect your server from attacks. You can also protect your customer data and remain compliant with regulations.
  • Better quality of service: Better performance, stability, security and control result in better quality of service for your critical business apps. As a result, you won’t experience lags or outages. To serve you better, they also provide high SLA and uptime of more than 99%.

Let’s discuss a carefully selected selection of top dedicated server hosting for your critical applications.

1) Hetzner

With the server finder provided by Hetzner, you can quickly choose the server that best suits your business needs. Additionally, you get root access and can choose from multiple AMD and Intel processor options in different plans.

It has data centers in Helsinki, Falkenstein, and Nuremberg, where it maintains its infrastructure. Specify a minimum HDD count from 0 to 15, RAM from 32 GB to 256 GB, and disk size from 0 TB to 10 TB. You get ECC RAM and highly reliable NVMe SSD/SATA storage for increased speed.

Hetzner powers its servers in data centers using energy from renewable sources. Its proven security mechanisms also help protect data privacy and security. You will have full access to all IT systems.

2) Vultr

With Vultr, which provides high-performance single-tenant dedicated servers, you can gain complete control over your critical applications. It provides dedicated servers for bare metal, with no virtualization layer and a single-tenant environment. They can handle power-intensive tasks and give you access to physical servers.

You can start your application virtually instantly, as servers are available in seven different locations around the world. Each server instance provides end users with a 10 GbE network connection and high-speed, low-latency throughput.

With no shared resources, metered CPU, IOPS resources, or noisy neighbors, the hardware is entirely yours. You can get your desired OS or pre-installed application quickly, and there are no bottlenecks to worry about.

You can also find more information or access the documentation and API for BareMetal Servers through them. To start your commercial apps, use SSD Cloud. Intel E3-1270v6 and Intel E-2288G CPUs are available; the lowest bandwidth is 5 TB, and the highest bandwidth is 10 TB.

This bare-metal server is available for $120 per month, including two 0.24 TB SSDs and 32 GB of RAM.

3) Hyve

Dedicated servers managed with single-tenant infrastructure are available from Hyve. It provides you with flawless security and advanced functionality to keep up with the growing website traffic. With powerful, highly secure dedicated servers, you can gain complete control over your environment and protect your critical data.

Hyve uses advanced hardware, including HPE BladeServers, Juniper, Cisco, and SANs. Faster storage is another advantage, and Hyve is the only provider with a 20-minute hardware replacement SLA.

Use several series of Intel processors to run your tasks and access memory from 64 GB to 6 TB DDR4. CentOS, Windows Server, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and many other operating systems are supported by Hyve. What’s more, you’ll find high-speed SAS and SSD disks with capacities ranging from 300 GB to 56 TB.

Your database, including MySQL and MySQL Cluster, SQL Server, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, can be configured, installed, managed, and optimized by database administrators. Similarly, you can have Hyve professionals install a virtualization hypervisor, such as KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, Redhat, or VMware ESXi, to run your own cloud platform.

Hyve provides excellent networking and security with features such as load balancing, DNS failover, VPN, WAF, and IDS, as well as Juniper, Cisco, and NSX firewalls. You can guarantee minimal latency and proximity to clients with 35 data centers located around the world.

4) InMotion Hosting

You can get full access to InMotion Hosting’s Bare Metal Servers, which provide the ideal ratio of power, cost, speed and control. To personalize the server, you can load your own OS or choose from various OS alternatives. It is a fast, reliable, secure hosting with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

You can achieve higher control, reliability, and performance with SSDs, and their bare metal servers protect your application from unwanted risks. Choose from a variety of data center locations to expand your reach worldwide. Additionally, you’ll get the most advanced defense and protection that comes with InMotion Hosting’s security.

Additionally, they offer you the option to upgrade your hardware as per your application specifications. For gigabit file transfers, concurrent connections, and high-site traffic, you can configure a Gigabit Ethernet uplink. Benefits include free SSDs, Cisco ASA 5506 hardware firewall, remote KVM and private SSL availability, and free setup.

If you are new to this platform, get your discount and take advantage of features like 1 TB primary SSD, five dedicated IPs, RAID, A CPU with an Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3 and 16 GB DDR3 RAM.

5) Liquid Web

For your critical business applications, choose Liquid Web, the best-managed cloud dedicated server hosting provider, offering 100% scalability and 0% sharing. Their bare-metal cloud servers offer complete hardware transparency and are reliable and secure. Load balancing is provided to conserve resources.

For optimal performance, you can scale and optimize at any time, regardless of traffic volume. With features like faster provisioning, load balancing, an integrated firewall, better bandwidth, and root access, it’s a robust cloud environment. It lets you monitor traffic and protect your server and website from unexpected threats.

Built-in Cloudflare CDN improves security and speeds up your website. Optimize security settings for fully managed Linux and Windows servers with ServerSecure protection. With gigabit uplinks, you can enjoy a faster network and free data transfer for incoming capacity.

You can take full control of your servers and apps with the InterWorx Control Panel. Manage every aspect of your website with Plesk and cPanel, including automatic updates, maintenance, and application deployment. An encrypted IP address improves the performance, security and speed of an application or website. Get power assurance and network uptime guarantees for every single routing device in the network.

You can pay $149 a month for an Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 processor with four cores, 16 GB of RAM, 452 GB of SSD RAID 1, and 5 TB of bandwidth.

6) A2 Hosting

Managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting is provided by A2 Hosting. You can choose between AMD and Intel processors in its new bare metal dedicated server range. It gives you better speed and performance by offering the latest NVMe storage.

They also host your applications on their optimized, high-performance SwiftServer platform to improve the speed at which your pages load. Fast loading times increase conversion, bounce, and customer satisfaction rates, as well as your SEO ranking.

But if you want to enhance the functionality of the website further, you can also opt for their Turbo plan. Better server stability, efficient connection management, lower CPU and memory usage, and the ability to store and serve HTML pages without the need for PHP are all included.

An unmanaged server has a 1-click installer, full root access, managed hardware and network, OS selection, and command line management. In contrast, cPanel, root access, managed hardware and network, managed server security and staff support are included with a managed server.

A2 Hosting offers a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Their data centers are highly secure, requiring entry by a combination lock and key card. To guarantee a constant power supply, you will have battery backup and diesel generators. Additional benefits include scalable servers, a free dedicated IP address, smart server notifications, etc.

For just $99.99 a month, get reliable and fast bare metal dedicated hosting.

7) OVHcloud

With OVHcloud, discover a selection of powerful dedicated servers with the latest AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Gold CPUs. Your important company apps are best suited for their dedicated server hosting.

They ensure their reliability by using next-generation components in all their bare metal systems. They carefully design, install and manage each machine to provide you with the best configuration for your projects. It can provision a server within minutes.

“You can choose from 28 data centers around the world and deploy servers quickly.” A highly secure and robust network will help you guarantee uninterrupted service to your customers. You can build a reliable infrastructure with OVHcloud to support your critical business applications.

By connecting servers to other OVHcloud services, such as public and private clouds, you can further improve infrastructure scalability. Moreover, water cooling features maintain the energy efficiency of your servers. In addition, you will get a minimum bandwidth of 500 Mbit/s as well as the ability to handle peak traffic.

There is no limit to the amount of outgoing or incoming traffic. However, you can increase the bandwidth capacity as needed. Many OS distributions, such as Windows Server, CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu; Plesk and cPanel interfaces; Microsoft SQL Servers; VMware, Hyper-V, and CoreOS virtualization are supported through their OVHcloud management panel. Furthermore, by shielding your dedicated server from DDoS attacks, OVHcloud offers the best level of protection.

Depending on your demands, a range of price choices are available to you. For instance, the initial monthly cost of the Intel Xeon platform is $65.55.



The type of Dedicated Server Hosting you will receive for your website, or applications depends on the type of web hosting you choose. Dedicated and bare-metal servers, while expensive, can provide your business applications with the high performance, security, control and stability they need.

To reap the rewards of dedicated or bare-metal server hosting for your apps, choose the one you like best from this Best Dedicated Server Hosting list.

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