12 Top Free Running Apps for Android to Track Your Progress

Free Running Apps

Running is essential for maintaining one’s health. Jogging, distance running, and sprinting are three different forms of running. Running helps you lose weight and strengthen your heart.

It makes sense that Android smartphones can help us with our health, given how they help us manage our daily schedules and budgets. You can record your runs with an Android smartphone.

12 Top Free Running Apps for Android

You can develop a healthy habit and get inspired by downloading one of the many great jogging apps available on the Google Play Store. Here, we will discuss some of the top Android apps that are in use now.

1) Running Distance Tracker +

The first on the list of Free Running Apps is, Running Distance Tracker Plus is an app that does exactly what its name suggests: it tracks your mileage and speed. Running Distance Tracker + tracks distance using your phone’s GPS, just like all other running apps.

Additionally, Running Distance Tracker + shows the number of calories burned. Another great program that you should run on your Android smartphone is Distance Tracker +.

2) Running & Jogging

If you’re looking for an Android app to help you reach your fitness goals, you should try Running and Jogging. Guess what? You can measure your workout distance, track your speed, and record calories burned while running and jogging.

Even more interesting is the fact that running and jogging takes less than 5MB of storage to install on your smartphone.

3) Running – Calorie Counter

One of the largest and most popular Android running trackers and calorie counter applications on the Google Play Store is Running – Calorie Counter. What do you think? Running – Calorie Counter makes it easy to monitor your fitness development.

The software tracks running distance using the GPS on your phone. In addition, it displays additional data such as speed and calories burned.

4) Step Tracker – Pedometer

Step Tracker-Pedometer is basically an Android app that records your daily steps, calories burned, walking length, speed, and duration, along with other health-related information.

Although the app is not designed to track your run, it can provide all relevant information. You can also monitor your run with the app’s built-in pedometer.

5) Running Workouts by Verv

One of the best apps on the list to increase your fitness and health levels is Running Workouts by Verv, which offers running schedules.

The app offers many running modes, like Run 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, etc. Each mode can burn fat and offer different health benefits.

You can also choose to run without following a set training schedule using the free run option.

6) Just Run

Despite not being as well known as the other applications on the list, Just Run is still among the top Android running apps.

According to the app, you can’t run a single step to a 5K in just nine weeks. And in just six weeks, if you can already run a 5K, it can help you reach a 10K.

Setting goals for your workouts, getting notifications on your lock screen, exercising to music, and more are some of the key features of the app.

7) Running App

An app called Running App provides many ways to lose weight. The Leap Exercise Group’s running app has routines that are all beginner-friendly and have been shown to speed up the metabolism, which is a plus.

With a certain regimen, you can burn more calories by increasing your metabolism. In addition, it provides training plans for running, walking and other activities.

8) Running to Lose Weight

One of the top apps from the Leap Fitness group for weight loss is Running for Weight Loss. This Android activity tracker software tracks your walking routine and displays distance, speed, time and calories burned.

You can choose from different training plans for different levels and goals on the app. Running, 5K runs, 10K runs, and other distances are timed with intervals.

9) Runtastic

For Android, Runtastic is a complete health app. Cardio exercises, including walking, riding, hiking, and running, are the focus of this app. Runtastic’s user interface is pretty clean and easy to use, and the tracking data was extremely accurate. A dashboard also provides you with a number of graphs that display data related to your aerobic exercise.

10) Google Fit

The next on the list of Free Running Apps is Google Fit. While it may not be the biggest, Google Fit is one of the best and lightest fitness applications available for Android devices. It lacks the sophisticated fitness tracking capabilities seen in other high-end running apps.

Google Fit tracks your weight, sleep, nutrition, and fitness levels by pulling data from several apps. On the other hand, wearables like Android Wear, Mi Band, RunKeeper, and Strava are supported by Google Fit.

11) Strava Training

Another fantastic Android running app that can be used to track, record and analyze routes is called Strava Training. Strava Training users benefit greatly from having access to a great source of motivation. You can compete with others on this app and push yourself with weekly and monthly challenges.

12) Runkeeper

The last on the list of Free Running Apps is, RunKeeper can track any type of exercise you do, including walking, jogging, biking, and running. It tracks your fitness and shows your training in real-time using GPS on your phone.

Runkeeper gives users the same tools as all other fitness apps: goal setting, planning and motivation.


Thus, these are the top Android Free Running Apps available for use right now. These applications allow you to track your fitness regimen, including cardio, walking, and running. Please share more such Running Apps with us using the comment section below.

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