13 TOP Free VPN For PS4 & PS5 To Try

Free VPN For PS4

It is important to note that VPN service providers do not provide official support if you want to use it with your PS4 or PS5. Video game consoles do not include connection protocols that enable the configuration of connections to encrypted services.

Alternatively, you may need to share your computer’s Internet connection with the PlayStation or use a router. You can use a VPN on your Sony PlayStation 4 or 5 to access content from services like Netflix, Hulu, or Spotify that are restricted in your region.

13 TOP Free VPN For PS4 & PS5 To Try

It also enables you to watch international sports broadcasts. When selecting a VPN for your PS4 or PS5, you should take into account aspects like speed, server accessibility, dependability, security, and customer service. Listed below are the top free VPNs for PS4 and PS5.

1) Hotspot Shield

Another top-rated VPN app for PS5 is Hotspot Shield. You can choose from over 1800 servers in 80 different locations with a premium VPN service.

Anyone who wants to access streaming services like HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more should use a VPN.

2) hide.me

Well, a highly recommended VPN app that encrypts your IP address for free is called hide. Me. One of the advantages of hide. Me is that it provides 1,800 VPN servers spread over 72 locations.

Although there were many servers, only five could be selected from the hide. Me free plan. Most of them hide.me’s capabilities were accessible with a free subscription, except for server limitations.

Your internet traffic is encrypted using strong AES-256bit encryption and the VPN’s strict no-logs policy. Overall, Hide. With your PS4 or PS5, I’m the best free VPN.

3) CyberGhost

This is a great option for anyone looking for a free way to play videos on their PS4. You won’t believe how many people are already using this VPN service — over 15 million people use it on a monthly basis.

Users get additional security features like Wi-Fi protection, DNS and IP leak protection, kill switch etc. in addition to VPN services. Although CyberGhost is a paid service, new users can use it for seven days at no cost.

4) Tunnelbear VPN

One of the free VPN services on the list offers users 500MB of free VPN data per month. A great feature of Tunnelbear VPN is that it only asks users to pay once when they use more than 500MB.

Tunnelbear VPN’s servers were fast and highly optimized. There are only twenty locations available for the VPN service, which you can use to access geo-blocked content. In addition, a 256-bit AES encryption key is used to encrypt the data.

5) VyprVPN

This relatively new VPN service on the list is known for being straightforward and user-friendly. The best thing about VyprVPN is that it keeps your surfing information private from outside parties.

Its no log policy is very strict. With VyprVPN’s best servers, you can enjoy fast and unlimited bandwidth.

The business offers a seven-day free trial to users to use all premium features. The best VPN service currently available is this one, which is mostly used for gaming.

6) Atlas VPN

If you’re looking for a balanced and highly optimized VPN for PS4 or PS5 gaming, try Atlas VPN. Some of the features of Atlas VPN will make any gamer happy.

Although most of Atlas VPN’s features are paid for and hidden behind a paywall, some content is available to free users.

With the free edition of Atlas VPN, you can connect to three servers—two in the US and one in the Netherlands.

In addition to server limitations, the free edition of Atlas VPN offers 5GB of bandwidth per month. VPN is famous for its fast speed and unlimited device compatibility.

7) ZoogVPN

Although ZoogVPN is a lesser-known VPN app, it can be found on almost every platform. Compared to other VPN apps on the list, it is less popular and, therefore, has fewer servers. Nevertheless, those servers are designed to offer fast speeds.

Like other VPN applications, ZoogVPN offers free and premium subscriptions. The bandwidth allotment in the free edition is 10GB per month. Additionally, you can only connect to five servers with the free version.

8) PrivadoVPN

Another fantastic VPN app that you can use with your PS4 or PS5 is called PrivadoVPN. This is an excellent free console VPN that offers an encrypted connection and better speed.

You get 10GB VPN bandwidth with the free version. Additionally, you can join from 12 different locations with the free version.

PrivadoVPN offers the best quality services, and using this VPN will undoubtedly improve your gaming experience and frame rate.

9) Windscribe

Another great VPN program you can use on your PS4 or PS5 is Windscribe. Although the VPN service is paid for, there is a free version available that provides 10GB of bandwidth per month. Even if 10GB of data isn’t enough for gaming or streaming, it’s still more than what most VPN services provide.

Fast servers are available in over 60 countries with the free edition of Windscribe, which also eliminates ads. It also has a robust referral program that gives you 1GB of data per month for each referral.

10) ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN works by encrypting all your internet traffic, just like the other VPN apps on our list. It lets you access restricted websites and effectively mask your IP address.

Its free version has no bandwidth limits but only lets you connect to a small number of servers. The free version’s servers were often overloaded, causing slow speeds.

ProtonVPN’s subscription package offers access to more than 50 countries, support for ten devices, and a few more advanced features.

11) Surfshark

If you’re looking for a VPN service that’s fast enough for continuous gaming or streaming on your PS4 or PS5, give Surfshark a try.

You can choose from over 3200 servers located in 65 different countries with the VPN service. Additionally, Surfshark features a stealth mode to prevent geoblocking.

12) IPVanish

More than 60 countries are covered by this VPN, and speed is prioritized over other features. Because of this, the program is straightforward and provides quick routes, decent ping response times, and no bandwidth loss.

Up to five simultaneous connections can be created using each account. Although it costs a bit more than the alternatives, the price is reasonable, and the service is of a high standard.

13) PureVPN

If you need additional international locations, PureVPN offers over 700 servers and covers over 140 countries. The service offers modest pricing with amazing savings on annual contracts, and speeds are generally decent.

Since PureVPN allows you to connect up to five connections at once, it’s a great option for families or people with multiple devices.


Then, there are among the top free VPNs for PS4 and PS5. You can share your PC’s Internet connection with your PS4 or PS5 or use these VPNs with your router to unblock websites and apps. Please share any other VPN tips you have for PS4 and PS5 in the comments section below.

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