14 TOP Virtual Phone Number Apps For Android

Virtual Phone Number Apps

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you know that many apps and services require verification of phone numbers. For example, Google requires phone verification to register an account.

A phone number is needed for verification on almost all major services, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google. Tech companies benefit from phone authentication because it lowers spam and misuse.

But since there’s always a chance that a phone number can be taken advantage of, many users prefer not to post their private numbers online.

The only reason consumers receive so many spam and telemarketing calls is that there aren’t many websites that collect and sell phone numbers to unrelated parties. Using virtual phone number apps makes it easy to avoid these situations.

What Are Virtual Phone Number Apps?

Apps that provide you with phone numbers for virtual use are known as virtual phone number apps. You can get phone numbers associated with specific devices or locations with these apps.

Let’s say you want to buy a service that requires a US phone number for verification, but you live in India. A US phone number can then be purchased using virtual phone number applications.

Virtual phone numbers function in the same way as actual ones. Many people utilize virtual phone numbers so they may keep their phone numbers anonymous even when they answer calls.

Apps for virtual phone numbers offer virtual phone numbers for SMS and phone calls.

14 TOP Virtual Phone Number Apps For Android

Users can get a secondary phone number using a plethora of Virtual Phone Number Apps For Android that mimic phone numbers. Applications and web services can be registered to use a secondary phone number. A selection of top Android Virtual Phone Number Apps for virtual phone numbers is included in this post.

1) Sideline

If you’re looking for a friendly and private chat software for your Android to connect with clients or coworkers, Sideline might be the best option. You can design your own number with Sideline.

Find area codes for other phone numbers for your small or company business to create a personal number.

2) Numero eSIM

With the Android software Numero eSIM, you can buy a second phone number. It offers a virtual phone number from over 3000 cities and 80 countries worldwide.

Numero ESIM’s virtual number works well with multiple apps, including Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, and many more.

3) Skype Number

Skype Number is an add-on to the Skype service, not an app. There are Skype numbers in over 26 countries and territories.

When purchasing a Skype number, users can choose from 26 different countries or regions. After purchase, users can make and receive calls using the Skype number they’ve shared with friends, family and other contacts.

4) VSim

With the help of Android software VSim, you can get a temporary phone number for one-time account activation or verification. VSim’s virtual phone number is compatible with a wide range of popular services and apps like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram and others.

Fair and open pricing procedures are another aspect of VSim’s reputation. The software credits your account with the amount you have paid for the one-time number if it does not receive the SMS code within the allotted period.

5) Fanytel

Fanytel is the only app you need to find if you want a virtual phone number from the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada.

It is basically an app that acts as a virtual phone number and offers you various phone services and backup numbers at a reasonable price.

Fanytel makes it easy to buy a virtual phone number and call any number in the world. You can also use another phone number for verification purposes.


NEXIM is among the most downloaded virtual phone number apps on the Google Play Store, despite its lower level of popularity compared to some of the other apps on the list. NEXIM makes it simple to purchase virtual phone numbers in the US, UK, Brazil, and Argentina.

With the virtual phone number you’ve acquired, you can make international phone calls and send and receive SMS messages. In addition to calling and SMS services, NEXIM provides mobile data in over 15 countries, among other advantages.

With just one app, you can buy and manage data plans from over 15 different countries.

7) Nextplus

Nextplus is the only app you need if you are looking for a complete suite of phone services. Nextplus is a full service phone provider that provides numbers for both business and personal use.

The app provides you with a free phone number for the first time. This number enables you to send and receive an infinite number of text messages, make free calls, and more.

8) Text Me

With millions of users worldwide, Text Me is another great virtual phone number software for Android. This software offers a second phone number for both personal and business use and has received mostly excellent reviews on the Google Play Store.

In order to validate the account, it provides a virtual phone number. You may maintain the anonymity of your calls and SMS by using the Burner number. All things considered, Text Me is a great virtual phone number tool, but you shouldn’t consider it.

9) Text Plus

The virtual phone number required for the verification procedure is also provided by this app. One of the best communication applications is this, which provides users with personalized US phone numbers for a variety of uses.

Only one problem has been identified: Google services or accounts occasionally flag this app as spam. This means it won’t work when creating Google accounts. Also, this program works flawlessly for all other types of account verification!

10) Talkatone

Every user who registers with this software gets a free virtual phone number in the US. After completing the registration process with their email address, users can start making and receiving calls.

Talkatone can be used for text messaging as well as phone calls. However, compared to other apps, the spec feature on one provider is quite expensive.

11) Burner: Smart Phone Numbers

Burner is a paid app that allows users to select their own phone number. The program provides phone numbers from about 40 different nations, which can be used for verification. However, the phone number you purchase under the service comes with a $1.90 price tag.

12) Hushed Anonymous Phone Numbers

The app’s name already hints that its purpose is to give users an anonymous virtual phone number for account verification. The fact that this software does not reveal any kind of personal information to outside parties makes it fantastic.

As a result, Hushed Anonymous Phone Numbers is one of the top virtual phone number apps available right now.

13) TalkU

One of the biggest and most respected Android apps is TalkU, which allows users to make cheap and free phone calls to anyone over Wi-Fi and mobile data.

It is interesting to note that TalkU gives you a free local phone number with which you can send and receive free SMS messages. You can receive OTPs and verify them online using a local phone number.

14) 2ndLine

If you’re looking for an app to get a virtual phone number and you live in the US or Canada, Second Line might be the best option. You can easily get local phone numbers for your friends with 2ndLine.

In the US and Canada, the second line is free; However, for international calls, you need to purchase a premium subscription.


How can I get a virtual phone number for free?

The article lists some apps that offer free virtual phone numbers. But Google Voice is the biggest and easiest option, so give it a shot. Getting a Google Voice number allows US residents to call other US and Canadian numbers for free.

Are virtual numbers allowed?

Yes, most countries allow the use of virtual numbers. However, there may be doubts about what you do with a virtual number. For example, it is illegal to block people using a virtual number, but it is acceptable to use it for commercial purposes.

How can I get a WhatsApp virtual number?

You can use your created virtual number using Numero eSIM, 2ndLine, and other apps with WhatsApp. To sign up for WhatsApp, use the virtual number generated by our shared apps.

Can anyone track virtual numbers?

Despite the website’s claim, virtual numbers can be traced 100% of the time. Although it won’t be easy, law enforcement or other government agencies can track virtual phone numbers with the right tools.

In India, how can I get a virtual number?

Indian people can obtain a virtual number in their nation by using the programs mentioned in this article. By utilizing programs like RingCentral, Vonage, or Grasshopper, you can gain amazing features like IVR/Voice Recognition. Call routing, recording, etc.


Final Note

This concludes our list of top Virtual Phone Number Apps for virtual phone number verification. Please use the comment section below to tell us about more Virtual Phone Number Apps of this type. I hope you found this article useful! Please send it to your friends too.

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