Top 8 WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps for Android

WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps

WhatsApp was first released as an instant messaging software, but now it is a must-have for many people. Currently, the app offers multiple communication options, including texting, voice and video chatting, and more.

You might have felt the need to record video calls at some point if you often use WhatsApp to video chat with friends, family, or coworkers. Sadly, users cannot record audio calls on WhatsApp for legitimate purposes.

You must rely on third-party apps to record video calls made from your account, as WhatsApp does not allow you to record voice or video calls. So, if you want to record video calls on WhatsApp, then this article may be quite helpful.

8 Best WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps for Android

To record WhatsApp video calls, you should use a screen recorder app. A number of screen recorder apps compatible with WhatsApp and capable of voice recording for video calls can be found in the Google Play Store. These are the top WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps to capture video calls on WhatsApp.

1) XRecorder

Another fantastic Android app for capturing clear and fluid screen photos and videos is called XRecorder, sometimes called Inshot Screen Recorder. Like VideoShow, XRecorder is mostly used to record gaming footage.

The program is also used by YouTubers to create and distribute HD video tutorials for mobile devices. In terms of recording video calls, XRecorder can do the same for WhatsApp videos, although sometimes the sound doesn’t play.

XRecorder can record WhatsApp video calls as well as videos from Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Signal, and a few other social and instant messaging apps.

2) WA Video Call, Screen Recorder

WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps

Although it’s not as popular as the other programs on the list, WA Video Call Screen Recorder is still a great tool for video call recording. This Android screen recorder tool is also compatible with video call screens.

Popular applications like Zoom Meetings, Messenger, and WhatsApp can record video calls through the program. Video call recording also has good quality.

What we found most appealing was the app’s ability to record audio-visuals and pause and resume recording at any time.

3) Screen Recorder – Video Editor

Screen Recorder – Video Editor, formerly known as ScreenCast-O-Matic, is one of the greatest Android screen recorder apps. It is also capable of recording WhatsApp conversations.

You can only capture audio and face cam video with this free app. What do you think? Screen Recorder – Video Editor is a free app, but it doesn’t watermark your recordings.

4) Screen Recorder Video Recorder

Screen Recorder Video Recorder is the only software you need if you’re looking for an easy-to-use Android screen recorder. Screen Recorder Video Recorder is a robust, user-friendly screen recording application that provides high-quality screenshots and video capture.

With this program, you can record almost anything, including video calls and gaming recordings. After filming, you can rotate, trim and crop your movies.

All things considered, Screen Recorder Video Recorder is an excellent Android screen video recorder app that you shouldn’t miss.

5) Video Call, Screen Recorder

WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps

You can record video calls using the Android app Video Call Screen Recorder. This screen recorder is capable of capturing every image displayed on your phone.

With WhatsApp, you may record video calls and save them straight to your SD card. One benefit of using a video call screen recorder is that it can record internal audio as well.

Although it is a helpful program, Video Call Screen Recorder has several limitations. Occasionally, the video call ends without opening the app, and occasionally, the internal audio speech recording stops.

6) AZ Screen Recorder

Try AZ Screen Recorder. This top-rated Android screen recorder app records video calls from various apps.

AZ Screen Recorder adds a floating button to your phone screen after installation. Press the floating button on your Android handset to record the screen.

If you want to capture WhatsApp video calls, you need to start the call and start screen recording. Your entire video call, including audio, can be captured by AZ Screen Recorder.

7) Video Recorder For Whatsapp Vi

WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps

Whatsapp Video Recorder Vi is an app for Android devices that records screen captures and captures both incoming and outgoing calls.

Whatsapp’s video recorder One advantage of Vi is that it works with instant messaging and social networking apps that provide video calling.

Before your call begins, you must activate the screen recording feature of WhatsApp in order to record video calls. Video Recorder on WhatsApp The Video Recorder for WhatsApp Vi app folder contains all of the video call recordings that Vi has created.

8) Videoshow Screen Recorder

The top rated screen recorder app from Google Play Store is called Video Show Screen Recorder. This program captures most of the game’s screenshots and gameplay videos.

It also allows you to record your video calls on WhatsApp. VideoShow Screen Recorder is easy to use and has a better UI than other screen video recorder programs.

You can record live performances, take screenshots, and create screen tutorial movies with Video Show Screen Recorder and use it for WhatsApp video calls. The premium edition of the app gives you access to video editing capabilities.

That’s it for the list of WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps.


You may get all of the apps mentioned in this post for free from the Google Play Store. These are a few of the best Android apps that allow you to record WhatsApp video calls. If you know of any other way to record video calls with WhatsApp, please share it in the comments area below.

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