10 Top Brand Link Management Tools to Monitor, Hide, Reverse & Redirect

Link Management Tools

Educating marketing staff about the value of brand Link Management Tools is not necessary. Keep reading to learn some strategies to elevate it to a whole new level.

Let’s say I direct you to click on this link to get an Amazon gift card from TechPocket.org:

Link Management Tools

Would you click on it?

It may seem ugly, suspicious, or just plain trashy to others.

In summary, the click-through rate (CTR) can be problematic.

As a result, Batley is a top option for converting it to this short web address:

CTR is likely to increase. However, it’s not endorsing the techpocket brand that powers it. Any marketer in the new age would want to prevent such a huge loss.

So, I created two unique, branded URLs from it:

Link Management Tools

Both have custom slugs (/amazon). However, the second is preferable because it lets you use the following:

-Your brand name, techpocket, is spelled without punctuation.

-A unique TLD (.offer) that reflects intent.

Easy to pronounce and remember, custom-branded URLs are what the two web addresses in the image above are called.

It is also useful for advertising. This makes it easier for people to remember, share, and follow your brand—something that isn’t possible when using really long URLs or URL shorteners (like Bitly).

Additionally, if you want to advertise your product through traditional media like TV or banners in physical stores or airports, you can use a unique branded URL.

To encourage visitors to visit your page when they see your ad, you can display a URL with your brand name. Autodesk, for example, uses the shortened URL autode.sk.

Finally, to ensure that all URLs in your campaign start with your brand name, it is best to purchase a different branded domain specifically for marketing purposes and then use a link management system.

What is Link Management?

Link management is a method of building, spreading, and tracking (branded) links to build link trust and, therefore, increase conversions.

However, link management involves more than just generating short, branded URLs. These are just a few common features.

How can Link Management Tools help you?

  • Custom Link Redirect: This helps you route your leads to different landing pages based on factors like geography, device, gender, age, etc.
  • Retargeting: This works especially well for retrieving abandoned vehicles. Retargeting follows customers who have left your website without making a purchase, as the term suggests. It increases your sales by tracking receptive browsing data and showing them appropriate offers.
  • Data Tracking: Marketing without monitoring and analysis can often result in a significant waste of resources. The majority of link-tracking services provide you with information that will help you avoid wasting time.
  • Link Rotation: Sometimes, a particular link gets shared widely. This is a great opportunity to distribute clicks around your valuable content that is posted on multiple platforms.
  • A/B testing: is a strategy used to determine what is working and what isn’t. Splitting click traffic between two endpoints and tracking conversions are two uses for A/B testing. This is a powerful technique for call-to-actions (CTAs) and landing page optimization.

Let’s get started with some of the top brand link management tools with these benefits in mind:

1) Socxly

The first on the list of Brand Link Management is, Socxly is a tracking, marketing, and link-building platform. With its free plan, you can generate 300 links and ten banners per month for various campaigns. In order to help drive visitors from offline sources, it can be used to create QR codes and shortened URLs.


  • Shortening links
  • UTM Assistance
  • Search and sort links
  • Generator for QR codes
  • Preview link
  • Monitor rewards and referrals.
  • Create affiliate/referral campaigns.
  • CTA button with brand
  • Personal redirect
  • Banners with multiple links
  • Create traceable links to files.
  • Set up Pixel Retargeting.
  • Add-on Custom Domain and Slug

With its extensive feature set, Socxly is a comprehensive tracking link generating and link management tool ideal for e-commerce and other Internet marketing efforts.

Along with the extensive feature list, there is also an Always Free plan, which has all the same benefits except for a few minor restrictions.

2) RocketLink

To grow your brand, you can use RocketLink for retargeting and link shortening. Vanity URLs that you can update at any time can be created with RocketLink. You can add or remove UTM parameters based on your campaign needs and change the destination URL of your Vanity URL multiple times.


  • Shorten URLs.
  • Retargeting links
  • Especially the CTA
  • Custom titles and images
  • Specifically, 404 Not Found
  • Create QR codes
  • Vanity website
  • Builder UTM
  • Personal website
  • Select Analytics.

RocketLink makes you visible to everyone. Even after leaving your website, users will stay engaged thanks to its unique scripts. This is retargeting the right way without question.

Plus, even with the basic tier, you have a custom domain without paying extra. Finally, every subscription includes a free 10-day trial.

3) Capsulink

Capsulink is a feature-rich tool for tracking, generating and analyzing brand links. It is a platform that only manages short URLs. You can add this feature—which enables you to create branded URLs—directly to your website in addition to having a URL shortening API. However, Name.com is where you will need to purchase your custom domain.


  • API for URL shortening
  • Editable slugs and endpoint addresses
  • Generator for QR codes
  • Email Condenser
  • Unique domain names and slugs
  • Emoji assistance
  • Tracking platforms
  • Monitor email exchanges.
  • The link is password-protected.
  • Batley Imports
  • Link evaluation

There is no good reason to stay away from Capsulink anymore. It has a free tier first. Every subscription includes a free seven-day trial. Additionally, every plan comes with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. Finally, they provide exemptions to non-profit and educational organizations.

4) LC.CX

Link shortening, customization, and tracking web utilities are all created in France by LC.CX. You can use it to generate brand URLs and QR codes for offline ads like TV ads and in-store banners. Additionally, you can add URL-shortening functionality to your platform using their API.


  • Shorten URLs.
  • Specific targeting
  • Links that expire.
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • QR codes with brand
  • Retargeting with pixels
  • Unique domain and slug
  • API Help

There is no free tier. However, you can try LC.CX with a free offer of a unique domain and 100 short links.

5) Dub

Dub offers a fairly free tier that makes it easier than anyone else to get started with link management. Anyone can shorten URLs using its incredibly user-friendly UI without even needing to register. It generates links that are public and expire in 30 minutes.


  • Targeting based on location
  • Targeting based on devices
  • Hide link
  • Numerous custom domains
  • Custom cards for social media
  • Free SSL Certifications
  • QR codes with brand identity
  • State-of-the-art analytics
  • Link password security
  • API Availability (coming soon)
  • SSO/SAML integration
  • Link expired
  • There is no limit on the number of team members.
  • Unlimited link history, etc

Up to 1,000 hits per month are possible with the free plan. After that, the links continue to work, but an upgrade is required to monitor analytics or add new links.

Additionally, for a team of three users, this tier provides unlimited branded links and custom domains with 30 days of link history. All sophisticated link capabilities are also included, such as custom redirects, password security, expiring links, and more.

Some features, though, are only available to paying users. These include unique QR codes, unlimited users, API access, etc.

6) JotURL

An all-in-one link management solution is what JotURL bills itself as. With JotURL’s branded URL solution, you can avoid link penalties when creating links for social media sharing. By using its personalized link preview tool, you can additionally increase CTR.


  • Connections with brands
  • Unique QR codes
  • Preview link
  • Especially CTAs
  • Custom websites
  • Tracking and analyzing conversions
  • UTM Manager and Builder
  • URL Downtime Monitoring
  • Using internal links to increase sales
  • External links to apps that are supported.
  • Help with Retargeting
  • Just a link to well-liked content
  • Conversation using WhatsApp without phone number

The 14-day free trial period is JotURL’s best feature. After that, you can choose any subscription that suits your specific needs.

7) Rebrandly

Just because of its perpetual free plan, Rebrandly will attract a large user base. On its own website, Rebrandly allows you to create your own branded URL. You can buy your domain directly on Rebrandly without going to a different domain name seller like GoDaddy, and it requires no coding knowledge.


  • Link management support
  • Multiple domains
  • Developed reporting and analytics
  • Specific deep linking
  • Retargeting links
  • Auto link expired
  • Vanity website
  • Traffic routing according to user activity
  • Link branded QR codes.
  • Unique domain and slug
  • Set up and store UTM presets.
  • Editing and creating bulk links
  • Links that support emoticons.
  • Reports with white labels

Rebrandly, experts can also recommend ways to improve your return on investment. They also help you with the initial setup and import of existing contacts. Additionally, their website has a ton of case studies where you can see how Rebrandly helped them.

8) Linkly

Linkly is a tool for tracking and managing links and shortening URLs. You can create a vanity URL with Linkly, but you have to buy the URL from Namecheap or Godaddy. Setting up and executing a branded URL campaign involves some technical know-how.


  • Personalized link redirect
  • Support for retargeting pixels
  • Work on individual domains.
  • QR codes with brand
  • UTM tag creator
  • Unique URL with slug
  • Rotator for links to specific redirections
  • Select “Fraud Protection”.
  • Tracking conversions
  • Google Sheets Export
  • Merger of Batley Imports

You can always track 1000 links per month with all the features offered with the free plan. Moreover, a 14-day free trial is available for all paid subscriptions.

9) LinkTrackr

With LinkTrackr, you can monitor links to identify potential income streams and plan accordingly. There is no limit to branded URLs using LinkTrakr. You can use it to hide your brand URL from all your affiliate links. Your brand URL must be sourced externally.


  • Link monitoring and evaluation
  • Tracking sales and leads
  • Affiliate link masking
  • PPC and Advertising Tracking
  • Tracking Service Pixels
  • Rotating link
  • Comparative A/B testing
  • Personal website

Although anyone can use it, the platform seems to encourage affiliates to support it by enabling precise visitor tracking.

Beginner-friendly video lessons abound. There is no free tier, though. On paid plans, however, you get a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

10) GeniusLink

The last on the list of Brand Link Management Tools is, GeniusLink is a platform for link management and marketing focused on affiliates. You can monitor your customers’ journey even when they make a purchase from your website with Geniuslink Short Links. As an example, consider a Facebook campaign link that leads to your Amazon product page — two platforms where you lack your analytics code.


  • Automatic creation of affiliate links
  • WordPress Consolidation
  • In large quantities
  • Localization of Amazon Links
  • Pixels for remarketing
  • Amazon Link Failure Indicator
  • Single product connection to multiple channels on opt-in pages
  • No lock-in; you Can opt out at any time.
  • Comparative assessment
  • Rotating link
  • Premium Add-ons: API and custom domain with custom slug

Genius Link is a great link-building and tracking tool due to its extensive feature set and 14-day free trial.

The fact that there is no lock-in means that you can quickly normalize your links without any additional tools, which is another important advantage. Finally, the plans are really affordable to get started, especially if you can get by without a unique domain.

That’s it for the list of Brand Link Management Tools.



It doesn’t make sense to pay for link management software when there are so many options available for free, especially for new users.

But even the premium ones (usually) offer free trials with cashback.

In summary, these tools go far beyond the usual URL shortener. They are all-inclusive marketing solutions because all you have to do is click to get started.

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