10 Best Construction CRM Software for Collaboration and Communication

Construction CRM Software

You can handle every part of your company with a single application using a CRM tool built specifically for construction.

Over the past ten years, the CRM software market has expanded rapidly across the globe. No matter how hard it is to believe, CRM solutions exist in the construction business.

These tools include a ton of powerful features that will simplify the work of construction organizations. Let us examine them in more detail.

CRM Software: What is it?

Customer relationship management is abbreviated as CRM. With CRM software, you can handle all the demands of your clients and future clients in one place. Additionally, this application increases business profitability and team productivity.

In relation to construction CRM, it is a technology that helps build relationships between clients and builders. In the current environment, it is difficult for construction companies to attract new clients, which has made things very competitive. Nevertheless, you can stay profitable by using these technologies to secure new business and complete projects on schedule.

How Does a Construction CRM Software Works?

The elements of construction CRM software determine its functionality. All these technologies have one thing in common: they centralize all client data that is currently available. It becomes easy to customize the sales experience for potential customers, as you can see from their needs and customer journey details.

Because all the information is in one place, all teams can work more effectively knowing what their clients’ demands are. A construction CRM provides information on all of them, from marketing to analytics. Streamlining every aspect of client contact also gives businesses the support they need to sell to customers.

Additionally, a digital framework for document archiving, customer communication, and project optimization is provided by construction CRM. These apps not only streamline the process but also provide analytical information and insights into consumer behavior to help decision-makers make wiser choices.

Features of Construction CRM Software

Not every CRM build can meet the demands of your business. Consequently, the secret to success is making the right choices. These are some of the features that any business should look for in an application.

Analysis of Information

The most important component of every business is data. Data is especially valuable in the construction industry because it can help business growth by enabling well-informed decision-making. If your CRM already has data analytics software, you won’t need to buy more.

Ability to Communicate

While the crew is constantly in the office, most of the construction project work takes place on the job site. As a result, every member of this hybrid team should have easy and quick communication. It will be easier for everyone if this capability is integrated within the CRM rather than relying on an alternative communication tool.

To Predict

An effective CRM should be able to analyze the data already available to predict what to expect from the deal and how much work it will require. Business management and sales teams will benefit from this capability.

Management of Pipelines

You can quickly follow prospects through the sales cycle if your built-in CRM lets you examine the sales funnel and pipeline. Visual inspection is equally important to identify construction projects to focus on. By making troubleshooting easier, it also helps improve sales activities.

Management of Activities

The CRM you choose for your construction company should be able to monitor the sales activity associated with each deal. To increase the chances of acquiring new customers, CRM should facilitate the management of tasks such as answering emails and attending phone calls.

Managing Contacts

Managing contacts is the primary purpose of a CRM solution. Thus, the software you choose must have a user-friendly database that displays all data, such as contact information, business facts and activities. Tools that pull data from other social media networks would also be beneficial.


This is another important thing to remember. If it’s easy to use, you can quickly train your staff to use the product. Additionally, choosing an application with an easy-to-use layout and navigation will help manage the sales pipeline.

How do you Choose the Top Construction CRM Software?

Choosing the best construction CRM software for your company can be confusing because there are so many options available in the market. In order to shortlist the best candidates for your business, you must have a firm grasp of your requirements. Only then you can choose one.

Following are some of the special features to consider when building CRM software:

Forecasting: It helps understand sales data and pipeline, enables you to make data-driven decisions, reduces client attrition, predicts cash flow from recurring revenue, and Records the latest ideas of the agreement.

Integration: CRM should make it easy to integrate multiple leading solutions to enhance your ability to improve customer service and streamline staff administration. To streamline business operations and remove any bottlenecks, make sure CRM integrates with your existing tools and procedures.

Pricing: Review and compare maintenance costs and pricing plans, calculate total cost of ownership (TCO), and choose a reliable supplier with strong post-purchase support.

Centralized Project Management: Project management includes tracking and automating activities, collaborating across teams, tracking the progress of various projects, and monitoring all ongoing tasks to create an easily navigable dashboard.

Contact Management: Able to monitor your employees’ and clients’ contacts from various sources

Automation: The software’s ability to automate the majority of administrative duties is critical because it frees up business teams to focus on their core responsibilities by reducing repetitive work.

So, make the most of the trial period and fully experience the best construction CRM software before committing to anything.

The ideal building CRM software meets all your needs, matches your budget, and drives your company’s goals. All things considered, the program should promote customer interaction and increase business productivity.

10 Best Construction CRM Softwares List

1) Followup CRM

Your construction crew doesn’t need to be tech-savvy to use a CRM. Since Followup CRM was built with non-technical experts in mind, you can always use it. This technique can be used effectively by people of any age.

Unlike typical CRMs, which require you to manually enter data in multiple fields, our application eliminates all tedious and repetitive activities. The software boosts team performance by tracking results and enabling you to track key tasks.

Leads are automatically collected by followup CRM from Outlook emails and visually represented throughout the sales process. It can integrate with Outlook, Gmail, Zapier, Stack, CompanyCam, and other apps in addition to automating followups.

Consider using a Followup CRM.

2) AccuLynx

Are you in the roofing industry and need a feature-rich CRM for your company? If so, choose AccuLynx. With the help of this roofing CRM, you can streamline the entire roofing process and take your business to the next level.

From the initial lead to the signing of the contract, the application allows you to track the sales process at every stage. With AccuLynx, you can order materials, manage projects, track mortgages, and manage staff efficiently and on time.

Its functions are also useful. These include commission modules, expense tracking, QuickBooks connectivity, and sales performance reports.

Consider using AccuLynx.

3) houzz PRO

With Houzz PRO Construction CRM, you can easily capture leads to compete effectively in the marketplace, attract and engage with customers, and capture critical information from any source under one roof.

Over 3 million construction industry professionals rely on Houzz PRO CRM.

Its purpose is to help bring your entire client process up to date. You can use it to view and send estimates and proposals, respond quickly to messages without starting from scratch, monitor approvals at every turn, and set up video meetings or calls with clients. , can integrate with calendar apps, and track approvals.

With this cloud-based platform, you can quickly and efficiently keep everyone informed about a project, save time by automating repetitive tasks, organize data together, and build relationships faster than ever before.

From expectations to project completion, managing jobs has never been easier, thanks to Houzz PRO’s user-friendly platform. The software is available for a 30-day free trial.

Check out houzz PRO.

4) Jobber

Jabber is a feature-rich construction management software that helps business owners streamline their day-to-day operations. Using Jobber’s estimating and scheduling tool, crews can be dispatched quickly with just two clicks, and time and logistics are accurately tracked for more accurate estimates and easier payments.

Ensuring that job details are automatically invoiced from the first request and that your team can access them remotely via a mobile app is one of its key functions.

In addition, it enables automatic text or email updates and communicates with Google, Mailchimp, Zapier, QuickBooks, and other services to guarantee that customer information is current. So customers are notified during business hours.

For simple client invoicing and payment, it supports multiple online payment integration platforms, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit cards.

Through an email and text-based portal, it offers round-the-clock online support where clients can request projects, approve quotations, and make payments conveniently.

Jabber gives you everything you need, regardless of whether you’re managing hundreds of employees in an office setting or a small business out of your home. You can try Jabur Construction CRM for 14 days.

Try using Jobber.

5) Pipedriver

PipeDrive is the most widely used CRM software for construction, serving more than 100,000 businesses in 179 countries.

For construction organizations looking to restructure their business, Pipedrive CRM is an ideal option. Businesses can use it to manage projects with subcontractors, automate administrative tasks, automate custom processes and pipelines, maintain communications, and stay connected while on the road.

Managing pipelines is now easier than ever, as you can monitor client behavior in real-time from your mobile device.

Sales forecasting is one of the special features. It makes it easy for you to manage your entire sales pipeline and generate accurate sales forecasts. It even tracks past performance to help make future decisions. Combining current views of each deal with the various data that support projections based on recurring revenue reduces client distraction.

You can test Pipedrive CRM for free for a period of 14 days.

Consider using a Pipedrive.

6) Procore

With its many capabilities, Procore is one of the best construction CRM programs, especially for construction companies. Businesses can use it to manage multiple projects at once. Moreover, you can use this cloud-based application on the go and from any location.

Apart from being adaptable and easy to use, this CRM provides you with options such as allowing access to data from different teams and external stakeholders. You can use this tool without any worries, regardless of the size of your business.

You can take calculated risks and make tough decisions with the help of real-time data provided by this application. Insights into your project finances are also provided for cost management.

Try using Procore.

7) Salesmate

Another built-in CRM program with many useful features is called Salesmate. Not only does this enable you to secure long-term relationships with your existing clients, but it also helps you win more new contracts.

All contacts — partners, customers, stakeholders, suppliers, and subcontractors — are stored centrally in this CRM. Its 360-degree consumer view enables you to guarantee increased client happiness. You can also monitor every action that your team takes while on the job.

Because of its integration feature that supports other business tools, this program is an excellent choice for construction businesses that utilize a variety of business apps. Among its standout features are the meeting planner, sales forecasting, and customer journey automation.

Consider Salesmates.

8) Buildertrend

Buildertrend is one of the leading brands in construction management software. This CRM increases project efficiency and helps your firm make more money by bringing all teams together.

It can be applied to project management, client management, financial estimation, and pre-sales procedures. Financial operations, including budgeting, purchase order creation, invoice generation, project bidding, and online payment processing, can be completed with just this tool.

Additionally, Buildertrend can be integrated with MS Excel, Cadsoft, Xero, Twitter, Facebook, Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, QuickBooks, Dropbox, and more.

Check out Buildertrend.

9) JobNimbus

JobNimbus can be used by general contractors as well as those engaged in side work such as window and door installation. This expert CRM includes features such as lead management, proposal submission, and invoicing to meet the needs of many areas of the contracting organization.

In addition, you can work with clients, arrange project assignments and subtasks, and calculate labor and material costs with this tool. Photos that you may use in proposals or other stages can be stored in CRM through its photo archive.

This cloud-based technology effectively manages sales leads and accelerates payment collection. Professional estimates also complete Job Nimbus for insurance and bidding.

Check out JobNimbus.


You can use JOBPROGRESS, a CRM, for all phases of your construction process, from tracking customer projects to sales and financing. Businesses can send estimates and proposals using this service, and they can also receive payments from customers and e-signatures.

For contractors who want to use this tool from their tablets or smartphones, its feature-rich mobile app is perfect. For location tracking and personnel monitoring at your project site, you can integrate it with Google Maps.

When estimating project costs for insurance underwriting, JOBPROGRESS is also beneficial. For every job on your project, including landscaping, roofing, flooring, HVAC, plumbing, and more, this one business application is enough.


Now, we will go into more detail about what CRM software is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for me to automate my vendor management and procurement operations using construction CRM software?

Yes, there are many ways construction CRM software can help you automate your vendor management and procurement processes. These include centralizing vendor data, streamlining the onboarding process, sending invitations and bidding automatically, tracking performance, and managing contracts effectively. For better efficiency, it can also automate purchase orders, electronic invoices and payments.

How do I manage contracts and payments with subcontractors using construction CRM software?

Yes, construction CRM software allows you to keep accurate records of subcontractors, quickly onboard and qualify them, select the best bidders using automated procedures, easily monitor performance, and make payments. Enables easy handling.

What are some common obstacles companies face when implementing construction CRM software, and how can these obstacles be overcome?

While a firm can greatly benefit from implementing construction CRM software, there are some hurdles that must be overcome in order to deploy it successfully.

Below is a list of some common obstacles with solutions.

One of the biggest challenges during CRM deployment is user adoption, as people are resistant to change and accustomed to existing procedures and tools.

Solution: The advantages of CRM and how it streamlines daily tasks and boosts output can be used to address this issue. Training and CRM software demonstrations will also aid in the prompt resolution of this issue.

Data quality: One of the most important issues that most businesses will face is data quality. If inconsistent information, conflicting entries, and duplicate records are added to the system, there is a significant chance that the CRM deployment will not yield the expected outcomes and will fail entirely. CRM’s ability to maintain accurate and current data is essential for effective customer relationship management.

Solution: Correcting, cleaning and updating data is very important. Implementing guidelines, APIs, or responsibly uploading data can solve CRM data quality issues. Data authentication and centralized management can solve this problem.

Integration: This is another problem that often arises when installing a CRM. It’s possible that your existing software, workflows, and systems won’t work with your CRM.

Solution: To ensure a smooth integration of your existing tools and software, create a checklist of all the software and processes you already use and the vendor before deciding on your CRM software. Get it verified from or during the trial period.

Lack of or limited IT resources: Supporting CRM-related tasks might be difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) due to a lack of IT personnel.

Solution: The involvement of senior management or stakeholders may be beneficial in this situation. Providing training or outsourcing to existing IT staff members is another way to solve this problem.



Even in difficult situations, businesses can manage their projects with the help of a powerful and feature-rich Construction CRM Software. Building a business while maintaining good working relationships with suppliers and customers can still turn a profit.

So, to choose the best construction CRM for your company, always evaluate your demands and identify your needs. This guide will help you choose the best Construction CRM Software for your company’s expansion.

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