12 Best IVR Software for Efficient Customer Support

IVR Software

Interactive voice response software, or IVR for short, is an automated business call management tool that acts as a conduit between your callers and the rest of your organization.

Have you ever called a business’s customer service number to get help with a problem, only to be greeted by a professional voice that was recorded and asked to select an option from a menu? was An IVR is a piece of software that plays a recorded message and requests input from you.

IVR software welcomes customers and displays a menu of options for them to choose from, recording their choices when they call your firm with a question or business. Get related information.

Upon receiving the caller’s selection, the software proceeds via mobile keypad or voice response according to the user’s preferences. So, it would not be wrong to argue that the user appreciates it because he controls the IVR. If the caller needs more help and the situation is complex, the IVR can direct the call to a support staff member or provide some pre-recorded content based on their needs.

IVR Software

12 Best IVR Software List of 2024

In this roundup, I’ve compiled a list of the top IVR programs that will help your business and increase the productivity of your support staff. At the end of the list, I will also go over the many benefits of IVR software.

1) Nuance

Inbound phone conversations are managed using Nuance Conversational IVR. Nuance is able to anticipate the demands of its clients and even send them customized greetings. Additionally, it encourages customers to start using self-service, giving them access to the solutions they need.

Another amazing feature that caught my attention was the IVR software’s ability to quickly change the conversation style depending on the context of the conversation. Additionally, Nuance can be set up to address initial customer questions based on the knowledge base, freeing up support staff to deal with more complex customer concerns.

Following are some potential benefits of choosing Nuance for your IVR software:

  • Customers are strongly encouraged to use self-service, which frees up call operators to handle more important calls.
  • Employee recruitment and training costs can be reduced by using self-services and automated query processing.
  • The software can be quickly customized, which reduces development time, thanks to Nuance Mix.
  • Supports biometric and IVR authentication capabilities to help you verify the identity of your customers and reduce fraudulent calls.
  • By increasing containment rates and promoting automation through self-service capabilities, you can reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • Reduce any additional workload by seamlessly integrating Nuance IVR with your business platform.

Nuance offers specialized IVR programs tailored to your business needs. For your quotes, you should contact them.

Consider Nuance.

2) Five9

More than 2000 enterprises globally use Five9, a fully cloud-based contact center system. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to deliver a number of services, such as social customer assistance, inbound and outbound call management, predictive and progressive dialing, automatic call distribution (ACD), and more.

High-quality automated technologies reduce the workload for live agents, provide a better customer-centric experience, and simultaneously reduce the total cost of service. Five9 empowers call centers with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, handling more than five billion minutes of calls each year. It works tirelessly to help its clients deliver a better overall experience. Its advanced features, including four separate smart dialers, allow your support staff to avoid missed calls and busy signals, saving them a lot of time.

Calls can be automatically redirected to the required agents through a routing mechanism. Additionally, Five9 pulls data about the caller and their previous issues. This helps call agents understand what to do next. It also promotes self-service between callers to improve the customer experience across all communication channels—phone, chat, mobile, email, social media, and more. In addition, historical and current analytics and reports are tracked through dynamic dashboards.

The following are the key benefits of using this IVR software:

  • Easy to set up and without strict software requirements
  • Minimal maintenance costs and no need for expensive equipment.
  • Smart dialer and call routing
  • Adding additional software is easy.
  • Dashboards with real-time performance reporting

The number of agents and variety of products offered are just two examples of the many variables that affect Five9 pricing. If you would like a personalized quote for your company, you will need to contact them directly.

Try Five9.

3) NICE inContact CXone

CHILDREN in Communication An amazing cloud-based IVR software called CXone helps companies handle customer contacts across voicemail, chat, social media, email, and inbound and outgoing phone calls. Workforce optimization, omni-channel routing, automated call distribution (ACD), and interactive voice response (IVR) software are just a few of the advanced features that this call center software provides.

NICE inContact is a feature-rich contact center system designed to manage inbound support requests, optimize leads for the business, and lower customer retention expenses. Apart from customer interaction tools, NICE inContact CXone has other features that can help your company make the most of its staff. These consist of hiring, e-learning, and workforce management.

Because it contains an automatic dialer tool made specifically for busy contact centers, this IVR is amazing. Numerous tasks can be carried out by it, such as call mixing, message late dialing, call suppression, and autodialing. Furthermore, integrating it with well-known CRM apps like Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud is simple.

Following are some of the benefits of NICE inContact CXone software:

  • Workflow organization is aided by partial and full automation options as well as simplified tasks.
  • Encourages customers to help themselves, which keeps them happy and helps them save money.
  • Find frequently asked questions and send them to automated tools. Refer complex issues to our support staff.

A free trial of NICE inContact CXone’s IVR software is available. If you want to purchase their software to automate your customer service department, you will need to contact them to get a quote.

Check out the NICE inContact CXone.

4) MyOperator

Effective web-based call center management software, MyOperator, helps in handling both incoming and outgoing calls. More than 6000 brands trust MyOperator because it offers many advanced capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Get your business a toll-free number so customers can contact you for free and help you build your brand reputation.
  • Interactive voice response delivers a unique message to your clients, with the ability to transfer calls to calling agents located anywhere in the country.
  • View automated reports on the performance of your team members who are working remotely.
  • Follow and listen to client and agent conversations in real-time from almost anywhere.
  • With missed call management capabilities, you can track the calls you missed and call them back on time to expand your potential customer base.
  • Track every incoming and outgoing call and increase support staff productivity.
  • Using MyOperator software, you can easily control incoming and outgoing calls from your Apple or Android smartphone.

You can test MyOperator’s IVR system for free for three days. The premium edition of the software is available for 33 USD per month. To preserve your brand voice, you can use a toll-free number. Alternatively, you can use a cell number that makes call handling easier.

Check out MyOperator.

5) Genesys

Genesys enables you to provide round-the-clock support to your clients so that they can receive individualized care whenever they need it. By offering self-service options, organizations can automate request processing and lighten the effort of the customer center.

Additionally, the program provides a live agent with the context it needs to handle a customer effectively when they call. For the convenience of users, the call extension includes the full context of the conversion.

Other features of Genesys IVR are as follows:

  • Drag-and-drop builder for interaction flows
  • Support for omnichannel bots
  • Independent client identification
  • Open API for better workflow administration.

Additionally, you can use speech and touch-tone gestures with this solution. Plans for this start at $75 per month. The upgraded AI experience will cost you $40 per month.

Consider using Genesys.

6) CallHippo

The productivity of your customer service team can be increased using CallHippo’s configurable IVR system. Whatever question or problem your clients have, our solution will take care of it promptly and methodically.

This app provides multi-tier IVR. Role-based access management gives you control over many agents in your support team. In addition, the platform offers all the standard features, including call feedback, autodialer, shared inbox, SMS, voice mail, and call reminders.

Other notable CallHippo features include:

  • Paid call recording with the ability to pause and resume
  • Dialer integration embedded
  • Holidays and external number routes
  • Call transfer on multiple levels
  • Connects to AWS S3 and Google Drive.

Additionally, CallHippo facilitates connectivity with multiple business applications, including Freshdesk, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack, Intercom, and Outreach.

Startups can use its free basic plan, which only requires payment for the number. Premium options, meanwhile, start at $16 per user.

Consider using CallHippo.

7) Freshdesk

Freshdesk, formerly known as Freshworks, is an affordable cloud-based IVR solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses engage with their customers in an easy-to-use yet powerful way.

With just a few clicks and a user-friendly interface, SMEs can set up their own virtual call center without investing any money in phone hardware, thanks to its popularity in over 90 countries. Through an API, Freshdesk can interface with a variety of CRM and help desk systems, allowing support teams to collaborate effectively without interrupting workflow.

With Freshdesk, the customer support team can communicate with them on their PCs and laptops as well as on their Android and iOS phones. The group can thus work remotely while maintaining tight communication. Supervisors can gain real-time insight into their staff members’ performance and client inquiries using its comprehensive reports and analytics tool.

Following are some of the distinctive features of Freshdesk:

  • When users are on hold, play a personalized song.
  • Modules for generating reports on performance and quality
  • Possibility of setting up an automated attendant to answer calls in the event that staff members are unavailable
  • An international VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) number that is always reachable.

With four premium options starting at USD 13, this reliable and contemporary IVR software can meet a variety of corporate needs. Before purchasing any of these plans, you can join a free trial lasting 21 days.

Check out Freshdesk.

8) JustCall

One of the simplest and fastest IVR systems is JustCall, which serves as the backbone of your company’s customer service division. All you need is a fast internet connection and this program. There are no strict hardware requirements. With JustCall’s many customization options, your company can set up an easy-to-use IVR system that records client input in the form of numbers.

Additionally, calls can be routed directly to the concerned department.
Setting up this IVR is quite easy. You can set up customer assistance for over 70 countries and use your existing phone number or get a new one. To develop your support team further, you can also connect JustCall to the help desk and CRM software in your company.

Here are some notable features:

  • Install multi-level IVR systems to route calls to appropriate teams and automate calls that improve workflow.
  • Native integration with over 100 help desk and CRM programs, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, Zoho-CRM, Slack, and others
  • Call monitoring and recording capabilities.
  • Make and receive calls via the web app, mobile, and desktop devices.

Standard, which costs USD 25 per user per month, and Premium, which costs USD 50 per user per month, are the two premium JustCall versions that are offered as well as an Enterprise Plan that you can modify to suit your requirements.

Try using JustCall.

9) Aircall

A cloud-based tool called Aircall helps customer service and sales teams manage and expedite customer interactions. It facilitates the easy establishment of a transparent communication channel between its users and their clients in more than 100 countries.

To handle after-sales calls, small and medium enterprises need to integrate IVR features into their help desk and client relationship management (CRM) systems.

Voice mail, queuing, recording, shared call inbox, contact management, instant messaging, software peering, conference calling, call recording, automated emailing, assignment, tagging, and commenting are some of the advanced capabilities offered by Aircall. There are a few of them. Workers can also be grouped according to their roles, specializations and job locations. This function enhances team productivity and communication skills while assisting in the development of corporate strategy.

Additionally, you will receive phone numbers that allow you to call from anywhere and watch live video during the call. Popular third-party software integrations that Aircall specializes in integrating with include Salesforce, Zendesk, Pipedrive, and Slack.

The basic plan for Aircall’s flexible voice solution is $30 per user per month, while the professional package costs $50 per user and is billed annually. Before purchasing the product, you can also take advantage of a free live demo.

Consider an Aircall.

10) Twilio

Twilio is a powerful platform for client engagement that is opening the door to more effective corporate communications. Using deployable serverless tools, channel APIs, and a fully programmable solution, it integrates phones, VoIP, and messaging functionality into your company’s desktop, mobile, and web applications.

Twilio establishes a highly sophisticated communication infrastructure, eliminating the need for complex communication tools thanks to a widely supported cloud API.

The most remarkable feature of Twilio is its ability to grow to accommodate your business’s needs. As your company expands, you can use Twilio to upgrade to a premium plan and only pay for the services you actually use. There is no need for a long-term commitment.

Twilio claims to have increased customer engagement for more than 220,000 companies globally, and more than 10 million developers are using it to augment their customer care networks. More than 180 nations rely on Twilio, and call centers, escalations, interactive voice response systems (IVRs), and SMS marketing are among the most frequently used application cases.

Following are the highlights of Twilio:

  • Allows integration of business app’s cloud communication capability.
  • Facilitates high-speed API requests while enabling high-speed communication.
  • Multiple communication channels are enabled, including audio, video, SMS, and more.
  • feasible for the business application to incorporate the live chat feature
  • Allows simultaneous live streaming on multiple platforms.

Twilio guarantees that you will not be locked into obligations by following the Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Module. You can change any of the more than fifteen price possibilities to suit your needs.

Check out Twilio.

11) CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a great option if you want to increase sales and expand the capabilities of your support staff. This IVR technology is easy to use and intuitive. It can greatly improve the performance of teams in startups, scale-up businesses, SMEs, and other e-commerce enterprises, as well as customer experience.

With over 50 sophisticated calling capabilities, including call masking, three-way calling, internal calls, call queuing, personalized messages, greetings, and more, CloudTalk helps you accomplish your goals. exhibits

Third-party business solutions such as CRM, help desk, and e-commerce systems such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Intercom, and others can be easily integrated with CloudTalk. With the help of this user-oriented software, businesses are able to significantly increase profits while giving much-needed assistance to their clients.

CloudTalk features the following:

  • The ability to record calls helps in monitoring employee performance.
  • Make calls more personal by viewing customer data before answering.
  • Ability to integrate with Shopify, Helpscount, Pipedrive, and other help desk software.
  • Real-time tracking of service and sales departments.
  • Allows the use of custom fields to collect relevant user data to meet the specific needs of each user.
  • Supports skills-based routing, IVR menus, and automatic call distribution (ACD) for call routing.
  • Choose to tag clients so you can later identify them by their tags.

The three premium programs that Cloudtalk offers are Expert ($50 per user per month), Essential ($30 per user per month), and Starter ($25 per user per month). You are able to try the software out for 14 days for free before deciding to sign up for any of the aforementioned products.

Try using CloudTalk.

12) Zendesk

The primary goal of the online customer portal Zendesk is to improve organizations’ overall customer experiences. It provides extensive and adaptable customer care and engagement solutions that may be customized to meet the needs of any type of organization. Zendesk supports more than 60 languages and is always improving its customer service channels.

All necessary tools for customer interaction are included in the dynamic interface, such as web widgets, ticket response templates, and customer complaint history.

As soon as they need help, users can be expertly assisted by automated support tools. Additionally, Zendesk comes with live chat metrics that show you how satisfied customers are and how well your support staff is doing.

Zendesk’s knowledge base collection capability tracks frequently asked questions (FAQs) and offers a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) so users can review common issues before they come up. The front-end interface is incredibly customizable and has little trouble integrating with other programs like Google Analytics and Salesforce.

The following are the main advantages of Zendesk:

  • Offers quick customer service and is easy to use.
  • Improves consumer interactions on a range of social media, email, chat, and online platforms.
  • Over 20 predefined dashboards and reports with robust reporting and sophisticated analytics
  • Able to interact with additional business applications, including WordPress, Google Apps, Salesforce, and others

Zendesk’s support-only plans cost USD 19 per month, while its Suite Team plans cost USD 49 per agent per month. You can also register for a free trial before deciding on a plan that works for you.

Check out Zendesk.

Let’s now examine the many benefits that IVR software can offer your company.

Advantages of IVR Software

Ultimately, using IVR software can be quite beneficial for your company. Here’s how:

Promote Customer Service in your Business

Since more than half of support calls are unnecessary, IVR software ensures that all calls are not sent directly to live operators.

In addition, you can list information that your clients often ask about your firm, including your office address and business hours. As a result, support staff can handle more important calls. Calls requiring this information may be answered with pre-recorded messages.

Leading IVRs have a self-routing function that allows users to choose between speaking with a live agent or listening to pre-recorded information.

Increase the Conversion of Leads for your Company

IVR software increases staff productivity and strengthens customer relationships, helping you acquire new customers more quickly and easily than you could without it.

The most important IVR use cases—multilevel IVR, automatic routing, voicemail tool, and forward-to-phone use cases—can be handled by a sophisticated IVR. With respect to these use cases, IVR can address client concerns and increase lead conversions for their company.

Let’s look at an example: Your customer starts trusting your business when you transfer their call to a knowledgeable agent who has a record of all past problems. This shows him that the firm values him.

Additionally, he’ll still have the choice to introduce himself or leave his question as a voice message, which your team can answer later if your support staff isn’t currently reachable.

Retain Customers, Maximize your Time and Make Money

In the long run, efficiency will save you money and time. Customer service departments must maximize the average amount of time spent resolving customer inquiries in our fast-paced world.

An angry customer would prefer not to wait, and it’s more likely that they won’t buy anything. Things can get worse from here, and they may decide to switch to one of your competitors that offers “customer-centric” service instead of staying with you. IVR software can reduce the duration of a typical call by an average of 40%. This way, your customer service team can help them, answer their questions, and process their transactions much faster.

By adding an automated routing feature or real-time live chat, you can accomplish these goals. As you can see, the key factor in this case is the faster query time. Additionally, handling transactions more quickly can increase your company’s profitability. Conversely, if you can’t, your clients may think twice about doing business with you. Additionally, a happy customer is more likely to refer others to your business in the future.

Consider The Following:

In the End

Interactive voice response software is necessary for your company’s support team to manage customer contacts through various channels. Decide which choice best suits your demands and budget.

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