7 Top Minecraft Server Hosting Providers With Mod Support

Minecraft Server Hosting

Even after 15 years, Minecraft has become one of the most influential and best-selling games ever since its 2009 release.

If you are playing this sandbox game, you should be aware that Mojang keeps adding new features and upgrades regularly.

Devoted Minecraft followers are those who modify the game and enhance your experience by pushing your exploration into new areas.

With the help of mods, the standard survival game terrain in Minecraft can be made interesting and you can explore new areas as you start building your settlement.

Not every Minecraft server will allow you to use these methods, though.

For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of the top Minecraft server hosting companies that allow mods.

Now, let’s look at the features and benefits of each provider, as well as some important factors that will help you make an informed server choice.

How do you Define a Mod?

If you’ve been playing online video games, you’ve probably heard the term “mod” a lot. It is simply a shorthand for modification.

This term refers to user-generated content and add-ons that are added to a game to change gameplay, visuals, or other elements.

Modders are created by both the developers of the game and its user or gaming community to improve the overall gaming experience. Mods can be as basic as adding new grass, colors, or textures to games like Minecraft, or they can be more complex and include adding special collectibles, blocks, maps, or game items.

Oftentimes, mods also make it easier to introduce new characters or give unique looks to existing characters in the game. Open-ended games can also be given fresh life and an extended existence through the use of mods. By adding new characters, maps, or textures, modders often help make a game stand out.

You can download and install mods on your game server using easily available online resources. A few games, both single-player and multiplayer, include official modding tools that make it easy for users to apply mods.

In addition, many other types of mods are accessible, some of which are capable of completely changing the gameplay. Many creators support game modification, and many game companies provide developers with the resources they need to mod many games.

However, there are several games where installing mods may put your security or copyright at risk. Thus, some players and hosting companies don’t like them.

How can Minecraft Mods Affect the Gaming Experience?

The term “Minecraft mods” describes the many additions and modifications that developers and players contribute to the game to give it a different gameplay experience. These mods basically describe how to change the game’s gameplay, story and graphics by introducing a range of different things.

Sportskeeda is the source.

The main idea behind Minecraft is to add some flavor to the game environment and entice players to explore a whole new area. With mods, you can make the game last longer and keep people interested by changing the way the game mechanics work.

There are many different shapes and forms that mods can take in Minecraft.

  • You can add additional objects, trees, animals, blocks and other things to the game with the help of some mods.
  • Some Minecraft mods completely change the way weapons, blocks, and game textures work.
  • Some mods give your character additional skills in Minecraft and change the game’s geography or scenery.
  • Recently, custom food and tools have also been added to Minecraft. Food fills your hunger, while tools allow you to acquire some rare items.
  • Your ability to survive in Minecraft will completely change if you get unique weapons from modding, as they provide you with the best defense against a variety of threats.
  • Some mod packs add a fresh flavor to the game by adding unusual animals, advanced equipment, vehicles, and many other things.
  • Players love Adventure and Tech modes as they add new missions and advanced equipment to the game, enabling them to design contemporary environments.
  • Minecraft has something new to explore every time you play, thanks to frequent game updates and hundreds of advanced packs released annually.
  • Let’s investigate the top suppliers of mod-friendly Minecraft server hosting.

1) Shockbyte

Thanks to Shockbyte’s Minecraft server hosting, it’s easy for players to run their favorite mods easily. For those who enjoy Minecraft, it supports all kinds of mod packs, including ATLauncher, Technic, and Feed the Beast.

Through its control panel, you can upload, install and modify any of your custom modules on your custom server. Shockbyte offers a group of experts who can help you in any of these situations if you face any problems in between.

You get a free subdomain with this service, which you can use to create a custom IP with your server name and share it with people you want to join. With 1Gbps ports, high RAM support, unlimited SSD storage, and bandwidth available on all servers, you can guarantee that using any mode won’t cause any slowdowns.

Best of all, all servers have DDoS protection enabled, so malicious attackers can’t interfere with your gaming sessions. Additionally, the SLA covers all network interruptions, guaranteeing that you can access the server at any time of the day.

It comes with many plans, the first of which is the Dirt Plan, and you can also design your own plan according to your needs.

2) Hostinger

Hostinger has been a popular destination for many Minecraft players, thanks to its support for the recent 1.2 version of Minecraft Server. Through its server, it provides countless advanced possibilities, and you can install any mod with just one click.

It facilitates third-party editing using File Manager and FTP/SSH. The Minecraft server of this hosting service offers many versions, from the Spigot to the official server for all players.

The simulated world in Minecraft is rather simple to play with pals because of the intuitive gaming panel. Thanks to the server’s Intel Xeon processor, which runs smoothly and quickly, you may play games with ease.

Additionally, Hostinger automatically backs up your data at regular intervals, so you won’t have to worry about losing progress while expanding your base with the latest updates. You will get a dedicated IPv4 or IPv6 address with your server purchase from this hosting provider, which makes it fully protected from DDoS attacks.

Due to its low latency, this service is preferred by many gamers. The provider ensures this by setting up data centers all over the world.

3) Nodecraft

Take advantage of Nodecraft Hosting Server’s abundance of Minecraft mod packs and enjoy an amazing weekend of gaming with your friends. Over 250 modpacks can be installed with NodeCraft, all without the need for configuration.

You’ll be given several modified frameworks, allowing you to explore hundreds of mods on your next Minecraft adventure. Like all leading Minecraft server hosting companies, it also provides an easy-to-use one-click installer for mods and plugin integration.

With an advanced server hardware configuration, you’ll get support when you run a modified landscape. You can be confident of smooth gameplay with its 64GB ECC RAM and Intel Xeon processor. Furthermore, Nodecraft provides blazing-fast speed on low-latency servers across Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and North America.

NodeCraft’s control panel has a basic interface that is easy to use and accessible via smartphone. Whenever you launch a game, the games are automatically saved to cloud storage, allowing you to continue expanding your castle.

NodeCraft gives you unlimited player slots and unlimited setup parameters for a monthly starting price of $19.49. You also get the support of an expert customer service team with all plans, and they will respond to your inquiry within five minutes.

4) ScalaCube

With its custom Minecraft servers, ScalaCube — one of the leading providers of advanced support for servers — promises endless excitement.

Your next Minecraft campaign will be completely different when you use ScalaCube because it offers you tons of extra features, mobs, biomes and other game objects.

The best feature of this server is that it works with all versions of Minecraft, making it easy to run. You can integrate any mod pack and wow your friends with fresh scenery, regardless of whether you want Industrial Craft, Dragon Mounts, Aether II, or Bloodcraft mods on the server.

Since the game has countless slots, you can rent it and invite your friends to try out the latest mode. You won’t have any lag while playing the game despite the fact that it will be heavily moderated. This is due to enterprise-level hardware support with SSD storage.

Additionally, it is protected by ongoing server monitoring and superior DDoS protection, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of your epic gaming session. For added convenience, it also includes BungeeCord support and a custom JAR.

A $2 monthly fee is required for ten player seats. However, the basic server plan is free.

5) HostHavoc

HostHavoc could be a great option for you if you are looking for a modern, supporting, high-performing Minecraft server provider. This game server comes with an automatic modpack installer, which allows you to add a wide range of modpacks, including the Vanilla, FTB, Pixelmon, and Twitch packs.

When you buy this server, you can add many modified items directly from this hosting provider. Multicraft, the engine that powers this server, provides you with a personal control panel suite and makes it easy for you to manage all Minecraft mods.

After your purchase, you can start using the modified server immediately, as the supplier will configure it in 30 seconds. The latest Intel Xeon CPUs and Intel NVMe SSD drives allow you to build a large base in the modified Minecraft area, all without lag.

HostHavoc also guarantees low latency during gameplay. Ten different locations around the world—Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Montreal, London, Amsterdam, Nuremberg, and Sydney—are home to servers. The providers guarantee that you can always enjoy the game as they are protected by the best DDoS protection and inline protection tools.

There are several plans for the server, with the most basic starting at $5 per month.

6) Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting makes it easy to play Minecraft with your favorite players by enabling you to install a variety of mod packs from Technic, ATL, Feed the Beast, and Woods Wrath, among many other developers.

With just one click, you can play the game with your friends using various modded items and scenes thanks to the one-click mod pack installation. This server allows you to easily use any plugin you want, including Essentials, World Edit, Permissions, and more.

With Apex Hosting, you can use any seed to create new maps in Minecraft. Or, you can use any of the pre-built workloads that come with the server from the provider.

With the Multicraft 2.0 panel offered by Apex Hosting, you can manage every part of your game server from any device. The network of the company hosting the Minecraft servers is completely secure, so a DDoS attack won’t stop you and your friends from having an epic gaming session.

A major advantage is the extremely low server latency, which is made possible by data centers all over the world. Data centers are located in Singapore, Australia, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Israel and Singapore.

You won’t have to worry about money when you choose to buy a server from Apex Hosting, as plans start at just $9.99 per month.

7) Survival Servers

When looking for a Minecraft server hosting service that supports mods, many people choose Survival Servers, a popular gaming server. You can play Minecraft on popular mods like Techworld 2, Vanilla, Spigot, Bedrock, Forge, TechKit Legends, Crafting Dead, Direwolf20, CrazyCraft, etc.

You won’t have any trouble installing them, and you can switch to mods whenever you want. This server is unique in that all mod updates are made available on the same day. As a result, you won’t have to wait long.

Applying mods and quickly customizing the game server is made easy with an internal management interface. You can play Minecraft with mods at silky smooth frame rates thanks to the server’s ultra-fast SSD storage and fastest single-threaded CPUs.

With servers in seven different locations — Seattle, New York, Dallas, Singapore, Los Angeles, France and Germany — it’s a global hosting company. With survival servers, you can play with low latency times and transfer locations instantly in case of frequent outages or other issues.

That’s it for the list of Minecraft Server Hosting Providers.



Almost all gamers enjoy the different experiences that come with playing Minecraft with mods. But not every server that hosts games allows you to support mods.

It is beneficial to choose top Minecraft hosting companies that enable mods because of this. Among other features and functionalities, it will make it easy for you to install hundreds of mods, allowing you to play Minecraft with more excitement.

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