TOP 10 Pet Monitoring Apps for Android

Pet Monitoring Apps

Let’s Admit it: Buying a pet is really easy. Just go to a pet store, pick a pet you want, pay for it, and take it home. But not everyone gets bitten for owning a pet. Taking care of a pet requires commitment, good effort and multiple duties.

If you’ve recently acquired a new animal companion, you may be interested in learning the value of a pet tracking app. Both Android and iPhone users can download pet monitoring applications, which often offer essential functions such as activity tracking, remote monitoring, health warnings, etc.

TOP 10 Best Pet Monitoring Apps for Android

So, if you have bought a new pet and are looking for ways to monitor them remotely, keep reading the tutorial. Some of the top Android Pet Monitoring Apps are listed below. You can relax and keep track of your dogs with these Pet Monitoring Apps. Now let’s go.

1) Tractive GPS

Basically, Tractive GPS is an Android software that monitors cats and dogs and helps you maintain their safety and well-being. With GPS trackers, this can be a great companion app for your animals.

With this software, you can monitor your pet’s whereabouts at all times, receive health notifications to quickly identify potential problems, keep them active and healthy, and more.

However, a special GPS tracker device is required to use the Tractive GPS app. You can use this app to track your pet’s whereabouts and purchase the tracker device from the company’s official website.

2) PetCam App

With the live video streaming feature on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can keep in touch with your pet dog with the PetCam app, an Android dog monitoring app.

It requires two devices to work as it is a pet monitoring app. To get started, select your home station (a gadget that acts as a security camera) and turn on the receiver on your portable gadget.

Once it’s set up, you can keep an eye on your pet when you’re not at home. Other capabilities include the ability to record videos and interact with pets.

3) DogLog

DogLog is the best dog care app available, reducing the stress associated with dog ownership. This Android software lets you plan daily tasks, monitor your dog’s health, and more.

With this app, you can monitor your dog’s training progress, help them learn their bathroom schedule so they can train, remind them when their shots are due, And much more.

To better understand your pet’s symptoms and share information with your veterinarian, it also includes a health journal.

4) Tracki Pet GPS for Dogs

The Tractio GPS app we mentioned earlier is comparable to the Tractio Pet GPS for dogs. For this to work, your pet must also have a special GPS tracker installed.

This program basically allows you to read the information taken from a specific GPS tracker gadget. The GPS tracker device is available for purchase on the official Trackpet website.

If you already have a TrackiPet tracker, you can use this software to set up and manage geo zones, track your pets, share their location, and more.

5) Dogibo

Your old Android smartphone can become an AI pet camera with Dogibo. To use this app, you need to install Dogibo Cam app on your old phone and connect it to your primary phone.

Once finished, use your primary phone to watch the recording stream and keep your old phone in a room where you can easily keep an eye on your pets.

In addition to its many features — including remote pet connectivity, the ability to receive notifications when your pet’s behavior changes, the ability to play music to soothe your pet, and more. The app is really easy to set up and use.

6) Barkio

One such Android app that will be perfect for all pet owners, especially those with dogs, is Barkio. With this feature-rich Android pet tracking app, you can track your pets from two different devices.

The live video broadcast will be viewed on a device, which will also act as a recorder. Two devices can be configured to watch live videos, communicate with your pets, receive noise alerts from them and other features.

The advantage of Barkio is that it offers pet monitoring functionality without the need for additional hardware. All things considered, this is one of the greatest dog monitoring applications out there, so you shouldn’t miss it.

7) AnyPet Monitor

There are many similarities between Barkio and AnyPet Monitor. AnyPet Monitor can be used to turn any old or little-used smartphone or tablet into a security camera.

You can view live capture on your primary phone after turning one of your phones into a security camera. You can eliminate the need for expensive pet tracking hardware by using AnyPet Monitor to turn your old phones or tablets into a pet monitoring system.

Once the app is set up, you can talk to your pets, hear their bark, and observe what they’re doing. Additionally, the app has features like night vision that lets you monitor your cat at night.

8) Clio

Although it is not well-known, Clue is a great pet tracking software available on the Google Play Store. You can easily monitor your pet’s diet, exercise and behavior using Cleo.

It’s a bit different from the other apps on the list because it’s a pet care tracker that lets you track your pet’s health, nutritional intake, behavior, medical history management, vaccination tracking, and other features. Provides.

The Clio app is incredibly helpful; however, some of its functions are inaccessible without paying for them.

9) Pet Parents

You can keep all your pet records in one place with Pet Parent, an incredibly well-designed pet care Android software. Since you can track immunizations, health reports and more, you can basically use this app as a monitoring tool.

Pet parents have many important tasks, such as sharing important information with caregivers, receiving vaccination reminders, and protecting medical records.

For those who want to manage all their pets in one place, there is the Pet Parents app. Overall, Pet Parents is the best Android pet record app that you should use.

10) PetNote

The PetNote and Pet Parents app mentioned in the post are very similar. Basically, this program allows you to centrally manage your pet’s health, notes and expenses.

Because PetNote allows you to keep track of your pet’s health, we’ve included it in our list of top pet monitoring apps.

It also has a journal feature that lets you keep track of expenses like medical bills and other out-of-pocket costs and record noteworthy occasions.


You can download and install these top Pet Monitoring Apps for Android from the Google Play Store. Almost all apps can be downloaded and used for free. Please share any other pet monitoring apps you know of in the comments section below.

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