8 Top Crypto and Bitcoin Alerts Tools for Price Monitoring

Crypto and Bitcoin Alerts Tools

By monitoring real-time cryptocurrency market values, crypto alert solutions are useful for notifying you of significant price changes.

Bitcoin is the most valued cryptocurrency, with a market value of over $380 billion and a total market capitalization of about $1 trillion.

Due to the growing number of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges, it is difficult to keep track of the price fluctuations of all your cryptocurrency assets.

You can set up high or low-price alerts for your crypto assets with Crypto Price Alerts. You will receive a notification via email, Telegram message, desktop pop-up, or app whenever a predetermined value is reached.

For example, if you want to be notified when the price of Bitcoin exceeds $25,000. In this example, select Bitcoin, select “Price Increases,” and enter $25,000 as the price. When the price goes above a set limit, you’ll receive an alert notification.
Price swings are common in the bitcoin market because of its tremendous volatility.
So, if you don’t realize that your crypto has changed in value, you can suffer serious losses. Do not worry; Alert tools will give you a quick indication of important price changes.

Now, let’s examine each item in the Top 10 Crypto Alerts list in more detail.

1) Margex Crypto Alerts

Are you interested in receiving email-only notifications about cryptocurrency alerts? In that case, you should check out Margex Crypto Alerts.

Instant, free email alerts ar sent by Margex Crypto Alerts for several crypto parameters. Criteria include ETH gas, volume, market capitalization, and cryptocurrency price. Also, you have the option to set alerts using EUR or USD.

Margex Crypto Alerts help yo set price limits in addition to providing an alert above and below a certain parameter. For Solana (SOL), for example, you can maintain a price alert range between $30 and $35. You receive an instant email alert when these prices are met.

To receive Margex Crypto Alerts, you need to register for a free trading account. It takes less than a minute to set up an account.

You can also generate multiple alerts on different crypto parameters at the same time using Margex Crypto Alerts…Once your alerts are configured, you may control every one of them from the “My Alert” section.
Additionally, before creating alerts, you can monitor the platform’s real-time price.

2) Binance Cryptocurrency Price Tracker

Assume you’d like to receive free updates about cryptocurrencies that are available on the Binance platform. The Binance Cryptocurrency Price Tracker is useful in that situation. This Google Chrome addon serves as a tracker and warning system. It has an Android app as well.

The fact that you can use this alert tool without even logging into your Binance trading account is a key dvantage. To set notifications, you must choose cryptos that are listed on Binance. You will hear an alert sound in your browser and receive a notification once your set price is achieved.

You can customize price and percentage alerts with the Binance Cryptocurrency Price Tracker. In ddition, you can sign up to get alert notifications when the price of your preferred cryptocurrency hits an all-time high or all-time low.

The Binance Cryptocurrency Price Tracker has a bulk alert capability in addition to single notifications. You can use this function to establish numerous notifications for your preferred cryptocurrency pairs at the same time.

It is preferable to use an example to better understand the benefits of mass notif cations. When any cryptocurrency/USDT pair’s price rises above 5% of the current price, let’s establish a mass alert for all of them. In this instance, you will be alerted any time a cryptocurrency/USDT pair, such as BTC/USDT, increases by 5%.

In conclusion, take into consideration the Binance Cryptocurrency Price Tracker if you’re lo king for a simple crypto alert application with lots of alarm options.

Compatible with Android

3) CoinCodex Crypto Alerts

The well-known cryptocurrency data tracking website CoinCodex offers an online solution for crypto alerts called CoinCodex Crypto Alerts. For over 20,000 cryptocurrency assets across more than 400 exchanges, this application offers free alerts.

For those who like to have basic alerts, CoinCodex Crypto Alerts may be the best option for their needs. Thanks to this free tool, you receive an alert when a predetermined price is achieved. You can, for example, establish an alert for 300 USD for Binance Coin (BNB).

When your alert price is met, CoinCodex Crypto Alerts’ desktop version notifies your browser. The app is also available for download through the App Store and Google Play.
Positively, alerts are set on the d sktop version, and the app synchronizes instantly.

You need to register for a free CoinCodex account in order to use the alert features. Also you can set up several cryptocurrency accounts once your account is created. You may also change or remove any of our current alerts at any moment.

You can only generate one alert at a time with CoinCodex Crypto Alerts despite the several advantages listed above. This tool is useful if you need to make a few basic notifications. However, if you wan to establish several notifications for different crypto assets, this tool might not be the best choice.

It works with Android & iOS.

4) Investing.com Alerts

Investing.com is considered one of the top financial websites. With Investing.com Alerts, you can reate alerts for over 9,500 cryptocurrency assets.

To use Investing.com’s free cryptocurrency alert feature, you must register for a free account. “Alert Center” also allows you to control your notifications.

You can customize price and percentage change alerts with Investing.com Alerts. Alerts can be customized to appear as pop-up windows on websites, smartphone notifications, and email notifications. Additionally, if necessary, you can choose to select all three options.

Mobile apps are an additional method of receiving Investing in addition to the PC version.
Com al rts. Both iOS and Android users can download these apps.

One of Investing.com Alerts’ key features is its ability to set up alerts for the majority of cryptocurrency pairs from leading exchanges. You can set alerts, for example, for ETH/BTC, ETH/USD, or ETH/XRP.

It works with An roid and iOS.

5) Cryptocurrency Alerting

Cryptocurrency Alerting enables you to maintain multiple alerts for over 27,000 cryptocurrencies. You can create alerts for price, volume change, market capitalization, dominance, and percentage value with our online cryptocurrency alert tool. In addition, you have the option to set up recurring notifications.

You have different ways to receive crypto alerts, which is one of the main advantages of crypto alerts. Alerts can be received via phone calls, SMS, push notifications, email, and browser notifications. Additionally, alarm messages can be received via Telegram, Slack and Discord.

You can also set up notifications for cryptocurrencies from specific exchanges with Cryptocurrency Alerts. Additionally, you have the option to specify a cooldown time or the time interval between two alarms.

Cryptocurrency Alerting is accessible via the web and can be downloaded as a mobile application. Installing this software is possible through Google Play and Software Store. Moreover, you don’t need to sign up for any trading platform to use this alert service. Alerts can be set and you can log in.

To use the basic features of Cryptocurrency Alerting, you must register for a free account. Ten notifications and three alarms can be configured in the free edition. You can choose from paid monthly plans for additional alerts and notifications, starting at $4.99.

It works with Android and iOS.

6) Coinwink

Are you trying to find a basic crypto alerting tool? Then Coinwink might be right for you.

A simple cryptocurrency alerting tool called Coinwink sends you notifications via SMS and email. Depending on what you need, you can choose between percentage change and price change. CoinMarketCap and Coinwink work together to offer round-the-clock price alerts.

One of the advantages of Coinwink is the ability to create instant alerts on the top and bottom of two cryptocurrency prices. In addition, you have the option to specify the price alert in USD, ETH, BTC, or other fiat currencies.

You can set notifications for crypto price % changes in addition to price changes. For example, you can program an alarm to sound if the price of Ethereum changes by 5% from its current price.

Five email alerts are available for use even if you do not have a Coinwink account. Create a free Coinwink account and receive up to ten complimentary email alerts. Coinwink Alerts work independently of any cryptocurrency exchanges or trading platforms.

You must sign up for Coinwink’s premium plan to use their SMS alert service. You can set up 100 monthly SMS notifications and unlimited email alerts with the premium plan. The monthly cost of this premium plan is $12.

7) IG Trading Alerts

Leading online trading platform IG International Limited offers IG Trading Alerts. This alert service provides users with automated trading alerts regarding developments in the cryptocurrency market.

IG Trading Alerts offers complimentary alerts. To receive notifications, you must register for an IG Trading account. This alert feature will be more beneficial for you if you trade cryptocurrency.

Alerts can be set up on price points or price percentage changes. As soon as your alert value or percentage is achieved, you will receive an instant notification. Technical indicators like Moving Average, MACD, RSI, Standard Deviation, and more are also covered under IG Trading Alerts.

You can choose the time to buy and sell cryptocurrency with this alert tool and never miss the price you want. You can receive notifications from IG Trading Alerts via push, email, or SMS. Apart from the web version, Android and iOS users can access the mobile app and web app, respectively.

It works with Android and iOS.

8) Coinbase Alerts

As one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchange services, Coinbase needs no introduction to those familiar with the industry. One of its prominent features is Coinbase Alerts.

You can create alerts for any cryptocurrency asset available on the Coinbase platform using this alert tool. More than 9,500 crypto assets are already listed on Coinbase. Additionally, you are not charged for setting up any number of notifications.

To access Coinbase alerts, you need to register for a free Coinbase trading account. You can add your preferred coins to your watchlist after registering for an account.
You are alerted whenever the value of a token in your watchlist changes significantly.

Coinbase offers apps for Android and iOS mobile platforms. Notifications will be sent to you via app alerts or push notifications. Unfortunately, ou are unable to configure custom alerts with them.

In summary, Coinba e-Alerts will be useful if you want to monitor important cryptocurrency changes. However, this alert solution won’t work for you if you want custom alerts that are percntage or price-based.

It works with Android and iOS.



Effective cryptocurrency price alerts are required in light of the growing demand for cryptocurrencies. You can often stop checking the price of your cryptocurrency assets after setting up price alerts.
When utilized correctly, cryptocurrency warning systems can assist you in managing your investments and avert major losses. This post has several options for alert tools, so yo can choose the ones that work best for you.

Finally, maintain cryptocurrency alerts to protect your investment without disturbing your personal peace of mind.

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